Unusual Catch: Lobster Boat Catches Deer Five Miles From Shore in Maine


Well that’s a surprising and unusual catch!

A lobsterman, Ren Dorr, found a deer five miles off of Harrington, and drifting further from land.

Lobster boat catches deer five miles from shore. Deer picked up, given a few bucks and dropped off on land, lobsterman catch deer five miles away from shore in maine, maine deer lobster boat
This deer was caught by a lobster boat 5 miles away from the coast in Maine, USA. Picture via Facebook

The Maine lobster crew picked up the deer and dropped him off at the nearest beach a half-hour away.

But please tell me what this deer was doing so far away from land.

A few weeks ago, a purple lobster was caught off Maine coast.

Thanks guys, I was just having a nice swim! [Facebook]

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