Humming Sounds Baffle Residents of Valkenswaard in the Netherlands


Strange Sounds have been reported by many residents of Valkenswaard in the Netherlands on the night between Dec. 9-10.

The video of the strange low-pitched noise is posted below:

After posting his video on Facebook, other residents wrote in the comments they also had heard the sounds. This is the video captured by another person living in the area:

During an interview with Radio 538, van Zon explains: “I received messages from people saying that I edited this, but I didn’t do that. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one who heard these sounds, as I thought I was going crazy.

According to another interview, van Zon heard the strange roars on Monday for the first time, and came back again on Tuesday evening.

Below, you will find the two recordings taped on both days.

Strange Sounds in the Netherlands on Monday, December 9th:

Strange Sounds in the Netherlands on Tuesday, December 10th

It is well known that the Manchester Hum is due to wind bouncing on a building. Could it be the same here?

A crane operator told Omroep Brabant that the metallic noise may be from a crane, moving by strong winds.

The next video compares the hum heard in Valkenswaard to that of the sky trumpets recorded in Gouda in 2016… And they are very similar:

You can find a large list of humming noises from the sky and learn more about The Hum phenomenon here.

Do you think this new sky sound is real or fake? [Sott]

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  1. John vous écrivez n’importe quoi et je ne suis pas d’accord avec vous, car ces sons ont était entendu dans plusieurs villes du monde…

  2. I listened to the first one and the 2 different sounds were types of tires on a large truck on a section of highway those tires are not normally used on or it could be the material the tires or pavement is made of. I said that because it is so close to the sounds a tire makes as it rolls across some bridge sections, the varations in that sound and this can be attributed to environment such as land terrian and atmosphere.

    That high pitched at the end, most likely a large metal crane in the distance.

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