Three Bright Meteor Fireballs Disintegrate Over Puerto Rico Within 90 Minutes (Video)


Three bright meteors illuminated the sky over Puerto Rico within 90 minutes on June 16, 2020.

The video below was recorded from Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico between 04:40 UTC and 06:08 UTC (00:40 am and 02:08 am).

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Three bright meteors illuminated the sky over Puerto Rico within 90 mins on June 16, 2020. Picture via Youtube video

Now here is the video of the 3 space rocks burning through the atmosphere:

A bolide exploded beginning of the year over the island prompting fear, the space rock would be a sign of the next Big One:

Just two days ago, a large asteroid colored the sky in green over Australia, prompting many eyeswitnesses to believe aliens were about to invade:

Meanwhile, the earthquake swarm is still ongoing off Puerto Rico… and the seismic sequence is so bad that a new underwater fault has been recently discovered near the quakes’ epicenters:

So now, do you think those fireballs are signs of Endtimes for Puerto Rico? More sky and seismic phenomena on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [Youtube]

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  1. It’s hard to get information about it, since it is highly classified. Try researching a kinetic weapons system called the “Rods from God”. I believe it is operational.


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