Mystery as Hundreds of Sea Stars Wash Up Dead in Chile


The Bío Bío region of Chile is facing a large starfish mass die-off.

The dead animals are washing up in hundreds along beaches in the commune of Coronel, scaring residents.

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Hundreds if not thousands of sea stars washed up dead in Chile. Picture via Twitter

The Sernapesca is now investigating the causes of the massive death of hundreds of star fish.

Experts believe the die-off is due to a storm offshore.

The mass death event was discovered on July 16, 2020 in the El Pueblito sector of Playa Blanca.

According to biologists, such mass strandings aren’t so rare around the world – although baffling – and mainly occur in winter.

Well I have never seen so many dead sea stars. What about you?

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  1. A “Virus”,, more like a Fukushima “virus. We used to have thousands of gorgeous purple ones and other varieties all along our shores of Van Is. until about 6 months after the disaster, then very quickly they disappeared. now there are NONE. It is very interesting that if you do not test fish for radiation you will not find any. Keep your head in the sand and pretend it is not happening,, maybe it will go away.

  2. There has been a virus attacking Sea Stars up and down the West Coast for years. Started around Oregon, then north to BC & Alaska, and now moving into the Southern Hemisphere.

  3. More vague behind the curtain experts. Just what we need. Ever since the advent of the internet, eveyone is an expert. The word is meaningless. Just admit you do not know what happened until such time as you do .

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