Plagues of beetles, spotted lanternflies and Asian longhorned ticks are wiping out forests, crops and livestock around the world

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Biblical insect plagues are silently killing forests, crops and livestock around the world. Picture: unknown

While unprecedented locust plagues are sweeping across Africa and Corona brings entire economies and societies to standstill, some small insects are invading the world, devastating forests, crops and livestock.

Beetles destroy forests

A plague of tiny mountain pine beetles, no bigger than a grain of rice, has already destroyed 15 years of log supplies in British Columbia, enough trees to build 9 million single-family homes, and are chewing through forests in Alberta and the Pacific Northwest.

Now, an outbreak of spruce beetles is threatening to devour even more trees in North America just as similar pests are decimating supplies in parts of Europe, creating a glut of dead and dying logs.

A plague of tiny mountain pine beetles, no bigger than a grain of rice, has already destroyed 15 years of log supplies in British Columbia  Read more at: Copyright © BloombergQuint
the beetles felled 730 million cubic meters of pine between 2000 and 2015 in British Columbia, Canada’s largest exporter of timber to the U.S. housing market. Picture: Bloomberg

The bugs are thriving due to warmer winters that would normally keep them at bay, destroying a swath of the world’s timber supplies. That may eventually spur shortages for the global housing market.

Right now, lumber prices are soaring to record highs thanks to a surge in pent-up repair, renovation and housing demand sparked by the coronavirus pandemic. – Bloomberg

Devastating spotted lanternfly

Meanwhile, officials in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey have been sounding the alarm about the spotted lanternfly, which currently is in its prime feeding season and can wreak havoc on crops.

spotted lanternfly invasion, spotted lanternfly invasion 2020, spotted lanternfly invasion usa august 2020
Dangerous spotted lanternfly across US crops. Picture: Getty Images

For the first time, live spotted lanternflies were also found on Staten Island, New York, state authorities announced Friday. This first live find is “concerning,” Basil Seggos, the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commissioner, said in a statement, adding that the goal is to “prevent it from further entering New York state and limiting any serious threats to our natural resources.

The spotted lanternfly feeds on more than 70 plant species, which can make the plants vulnerable to disease and attacks from other insects. A Penn State study released earlier this year found that the invasive species cost the Pennsylvania economy about $50 million, including $29 million in direct costs on growers and forest landowners.Yahoo

Dangerous Asian longhorned tick

Finally, An extremely tiny, invasive Asian longhorned tick — known for killing livestock and carrying disease-causing pathogens — has been discovered in Ohio. The tick was found on a stray dog in Gallia County, which was later sent to a nearby shelter, per officials with the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA). The tick was then sent to a federal lab, where the species was confirmed.

Asian longhorned tick invasion
Asian longhorned ticks have been detected on animals, including pets and livestock, as well as people. Picture: CDC

The exotic pest is native to parts of Eastern Asia, but has since made its way to other countries including, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, according to the Northeast Regional Center for Excellence in Vector-Borne Diseases (NEVBD). They’re brown in color, have eight legs, and are typically smaller than a sesame seed.

Since 2017, the Asian longhorned tick has been confirmed in Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia as of July 2020, per the CDC.

This recent Ohio discovery came just one week after it was also found in three Kentucky counties, per Local 12 WKRC-TV.

Are Asian longhorned ticks dangerous?

Those blood meals can potentially be fatal to animals, Tony Forshey, D.V.M., the ODA’s state veterinarian, said in a press release. Asian longhorned ticks have the ability to spread theileriosis, a cattle disease that can cause symptoms of anemia and even death in the affected host.This pest is especially fatal to livestock, so producers should practice preventative measures and be on the lookout for this new threat,” he said.

As for humans, that’s still up in the air. The CDC says one study found that the Asian longhorned tick is “not likely” to spread the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, while another lab study found that it does have the ability to carry and transmit the bacteria associated with Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

One thing is sure, these small insects are destroying our forests, crops and livestock and we aren’t to stop these plagues… [Bloomberg Quint, Yahoo, Yahoo]

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  1. 08-18-2020
    Chris Mitchell
    Photo Credit: CBN News
    Prophecy Fulfilled? Joel Rosenberg Lays Out the Biblical Meaning Behind the Israel-UAE Peace Deal

    JERUSALEM, Israel – As all sides move to finalize the peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it’s causing a political shuffle across the Middle East and some believe it may have prophetic implications.

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he saw only good results from the historic agreement.

    “Peace is a good thing and peace unites moderates, two of the most advanced economies in the world – Israel and the United Arab Emirates – and two of the most moderate,” he told Fox News in an interview on Sunday.

    “We’re fighting Iran and the radicals who are trying to overthrow our order in the Middle East, subjugate people, propagate terrorism. So, this is good for peace, good for security, good for prosperity. I think it’s good for the United States and good for Israel,” Netanyahu continued.

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    Not everyone in the Middle East agrees. Iran flat-out condemned the move and the Palestinian Authority (PA) called the UAE traitors. The PA withdrew its envoy from the UAE and Palestinians protested after Friday prayers on the Temple Mount.

    The Palestinians also announced they would boycott the Dubai Expo 2020, which was rescheduled to October 2021 due to the coronavirus.

    Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan threatened to break off diplomatic relations with the UAE.

    “The exact suspects that you would expect to hate this deal, hate this deal,” best-selling author and Middle East expert Joel Rosenberg told CBN News.

    He believes Turkey’s reaction to the peace deal is revealing.

    “Why is that interesting? Because Turkey has a relationship [with Israel]. They have full normalization with us here in Israel. So, the idea that the would-be ‘sultan’ of Turkey is condemning a Muslim state for creating a full normalization with Israel that he already has, it’s ridiculous and it’s hypocritical,” Rosenberg explained.

    “It’s indicative of the fact that Erdogan is taking his country out of the western moderate camp, into the Iranian, Islamism more radical camp. And that’s a long term very serious problem,” he said.

    Rosenberg also believes this “Abraham Accord’ – has prophetic undertones.

    “What we watch in the book of Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39, which is known as the ***eschatological*** future war of Gog and Magog, is the Arab states being very calm and quiet towards Israel. Israel [is] reconstructed, peaceful, prosperous, calm, secure and then a Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance forming against Israel.”

    The Bible talks about a confederation of nations it calls Gomer, Put, Cush, Persia, Togarmah, Gog and Magog one day coming against Israel.

    “Now, I’m not saying the war with Gog and Magog is imminent,” Rosenberg explained. “I’m saying that the trend lines of peace in the Middle East, with a Russian-Iranian-Turkish axis – this is exactly where we are heading. This is the trajectory, and this is something that should cause all Christians to watch carefully and continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

    It’s the city of Jerusalem that President Erdogan and the leaders of Iran say that one .

  2. Officials in Iran say black box from downed Ukrainian passenger plane with 176 on board reveals jet was hit by TWO missiles 25 seconds apart – and some passengers were alive after first blast

    Iran struck down Ukrainian passenger plane on January 8, killing all 176 on board
    Authorities say black box shows the jet was hit by two missiles 25 seconds apart
    Voices could still be heard on recording after the first missile struck the aircraft
    We told you 20 passengers were alive but by order of terrorist Khamanie to kill them. That is why no survival. Iran can not shoot so Israelis plane will have superiority that can knock off all
    nuclear facilities in Iran.

  3. World WAR 3 is shaping our world!!
    U.S moves to restore all U.N sanctions on Iran using snapback mechanism

    The United States submitted a letter to the U.N Security Council accusing Tehran of non-compliance with the nuclear deal, starting a 30-day clock that could lead to the “snapback” of U.N sanctions even though remaining parties to the nuclear deal oppose this.

    The U.S move, taken partly because of the impending October expiration of a U.N arms embargo on Tehran, drew condemnation from Iran, which said Washington had no right to trigger the re-imposition because it had abandoned the nuclear agreement and asked Council members to oppose the U.S action.

    A snapback of U.N sanctions would reimpose the conventional arms embargo, ban Iran from developing ballistic missiles capable of delivering nuclear weapons and bring back targeted sanctions on dozens of individuals and entities.

    It would also require Iran to halt all nuclear enrichment-related and reprocessing activities, including research and development, and ban imports that could contribute to those activities or the development of nuclear arms delivery systems.

    Three senior Iranian officials told Reuters this week Iran’s leadership is determined to remain committed to the nuclear deal, hoping that a victory by Trump rival Democrat Joe Biden in the November U.S presidential election will salvage the pact.

    In his letter to the U.N Security Council, Pompeo said Iran had breached many of the deal’s central limits.

  4. World War 3 is in motion!!
    Sderot mayor to Netanyahu, Gantz: Wake up, we’re at war
    Last Thursday, Netanyahu announced the UAE had agreed to sign a peace accord with Israel.
    Sderot Mayor Alon Davidi criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Alternate Prime Minister and Defense Minister Benny Gantz for the recent escalation on the Gaza border, Ynet reported Friday night.

    “In a week when everyone is talking about ‘peace in exchange for peace,’ I cannot understand what world they are talking about,” Davidi said late Friday, referring to Israel’s recent establishment of official diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates.
    Rockets intercepted in South, IDF strikes Hamas posts
    Barzilai Medical Center said that five people from Sderot were admitted following the sirens. Two were lightly injured and three were having anxiety attacks.
    World War 3 will start from IRAN65 percent plus.
    Mohsen BC

  5. World WAR 3 is in front of us!!

    Apple To Premiere Israel-Iran Spy Thriller ‘Tehran’ Next Month

    Apple TV+ will premiere Tehran, the espionage thriller it is co-producing with Israeli broadcaster Kan 11, on September 25 internationally. Apple will drop the first three episodes, before switching to weekly installments every Friday.

    Distributed by Cineflix Rights, the eight-part series features young Israeli actress Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinyan, a Mossad computer hacker-agent undertaking her very first mission in Iran’s capital, which is also her place of birth.

    Tasked with disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor, her mission has implications not just for the Middle East, but for the rest of the world. But when the Mossad mission fails, Tamar goes rogue in Tehran as she rediscovers her Iranian roots and becomes romantically entwined with a pro-democracy activist.

    Tehran also stars Iron Man actor Shaun Toub and Homeland‘s Navid Negahban, and was created and written by Moshe Zonder, who penned Netflix’s Fauda. Dana Eden and Maor Kohn created the show alongside Zonder, while Omri Shenhar is also a writer. Daniel Syrkin directs the series, which is executive produced by Eden, Shula Spiegel, Alon Aranya, Julien Leroux, Peter Emerson and Eldad Koblenz.

    Tehran is made by Donna Productions and Shula Spiegel Productions in association with Paper Plane Production, with the participation of Cineflix Rights and Cosmote TV.

    Mohsen BC
    Thanks a lot all for give us a voice by strange sounds. We are not here to compete withh any one but ad to it.

  6. World WAR 3 reshaping our future. AI and Robots!!
    Pakistan once again warns India of nuclear war, says ‘Muslims will be saved’

    Pakistani administration has once again prophesied a “nuclear war” against India, with its cabinet minister saying there will be a “bloody and final war”.

    In an interview to Pakistan-based Samaa TV on Wednesday, Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmad said, “If Pakistan gets attacked by India, there is no scope for a conventional war. This will be a bloody, final and nuclear war.”

    Also read | Shah Mahmood Qureshi to visit Hainan for China-Pakistan Foreign Ministers’ strategic dialogue

    Islamabad has “small” and “perfect” weapons, that will save Muslim lives and target other regions. He also said that Pakistan’s weapons can also reach the Indian state of Assam, adding that next 4-6 months will be very critical, in a reference to elections in the United States.

    Also read | New picture of Pakistan’s ousted Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif surfaces online

    The railway minister also said there will an upcoming block that include countries like China, Russia, Nepal, Sri Lanka and added that Pakistan should be a part of this arrangement.

    Rashid also spoke on Pakistan army chief Qamar Javed Bajwa’s visit to Saudi Arabia, where he said Pak-Saudi ties are back to “normal” now.

    When asked why Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman didn’t meet Bajwa, Rashid said Salman “is a very important person, but, most of the issues were already settled from here”.

    Mohsen BC

  7. WORLD WAR 3 reshaping our world!!
    Flames of war’ – China relations at breaking point with Taiwan in the South China Sea
    China has looked to increase its territory in the region and has stated Taiwan will eventually be reclaimed by Beijing. In light of China’s aggressive stance in the region, Taiwan has warned Beijing not to underestimate its military strength. To show its military arsenal, Taiwan’s defence ministry filmed a video showcasing a live-fire drill.
    The ministry also issued a further response to Beijing by claiming China’s “arrogance” may force Taiwan to act.

    The ministry said: “Absolutely do not treat lightly our resolve to defend Taiwan.

    “The most arrogant country can easily provoke a war, and the most ignorant government can be caught in the flames of war.

    “In the end it will have the opposite effect, inciting the wrath and antipathy of Taiwan’s people, seriously hurting peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait.”

  8. World WAR 3 re shaping our planet!!
    Iran Unveils “Haj Qassem” and “Abu Mahdi” Missiles

    Hassan Rouhani stated that he had told the Minister of Defense that all efforts should be made to produce cruise missiles.

    “I have been telling Amir Hatami for several years to put all our energy into cruise missiles and their various types, which can hit the target more accurately and camouflage and perform better,” said Rouhani at the unveiling ceremony of the Ministry of Defense achievements on Thursday, August 20th.

    He added: “We do not want to invade or occupy anywhere. This defense equipment is not a threat to our neighbors and the region.”

    Regarding missile production in Iran, Amir Hatami, ‌the Minister of Defense said: “In addition to addressing quantity and quality, special attention has been paid to increase the range of less than two thousand kilometers.”

    He also referred to the twin-seat Kowsar fighter jet production line in the last three years.

    The Minister of Defense announced the unveiling of two missiles, “Abu Mahdi” and “Haj Qasem”, named after Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and Qasem Soleimani

    “By building Abu Mahdi cruise missile, we have achieved a range of over 1,000 kilometers. In ballistic missiles, we have reached from the old Zulfiqar missiles with a range of only 700 kilometers to a range of 1,400 kilometers.”

    The unveiling took place only weeks before the expiration of Iran’s arms embargo in October.

    Death to Islamic Republic of Iran and AMAB= All Mullahs are Bet*****!


    B2 bomber so key to any American attack on Iran’s nuclear program. As Northrop Grumman, who makes the plane, explains, the B-2 is “a key component of the nation’s long-range strike arsenal, and one of the most survivable aircraft in the world.” Not only can it penetrate heavily defended areas, and elude sophisticated anti-air defense systems, but it boasts incredible range with the ability to fly “6,000 nautical miles unrefueled and 10,000 nautical miles with just one aerial refueling.”

    The B-2 stealth bomber can also carry an extensive payload, and deliver precision strikes, both of which would be necessary to ensure the U.S. destroyed the nuclear facilities in as few waves of attacks as possible. As Northrup again explains, each B-2 can “carry more than 20 tons of conventional and nuclear ordnance and deliver it precisely under any weather conditions.”

    GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator:

    The B-2 bomber is also crucial to a U.S. strike against Iran’s nuclear program in another regard. Namely, it is the only aircraft capable of carrying the Air Force’s GBU-57A/B Massive Ordnance Penetrator.

    While the U.S. has sought to deny the operational concept formerly known as Air-Sea Battle was directed at China, it has been less coy about the purpose of the massive bunker-buster. If the U.S. decided to attack Iran’s nuclear program, it would almost certainly use the MOP to destroy Iran’s Fordow nuclear enrichment site, which is buried deep inside a mountain.

    At 30,000-pounds (13,600-kilograms), 31.5 inches in diameter and 20.5 feet long, the Boeing-made MOP is around six times the size of the next biggest bunker-buster in the U.S. or Israeli arsenals.

    The GBU-57A/B MOP project began as early as 2004, and picked up steam under DARPA’s direction in the years that followed. Testing began under DARPA in 2008, and in February 2010, the program was transferred to the Air Force. In 2012, the Air Force ordered upgrades to the MOP, and began conducting tests of the upgraded bomb in 2013.

    Disclaimer always apply

  10. It is very sad we all in it together and your site is voice for all and
    you warned us , we warned you, and others well. Prepare Prepare.

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