Dozens of crows fall dead from the sky in Russia

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Dead crows falling dead from the sky in Russia. Picture via Probalakovo

Residents of Balakovo, Saratov region, witnessed the terrifying moment when dozens of black birds suddenly fell dead on the road over a radius of more than 50 meters.

The footage shows dozens of dead crows lying on the roadway and sidewalks.

The cause of the death of the birds has not yet been determined.

According to officials, there are no traces of bullets or any other traces of violent death.

Some eyewitnesses suggest that the birds died because of fireworks, hosted by locals, or electrical wires.

Other residents believe the flock was poisoned or the bird mass die-off is link to the ecological disaster going on in the region.

Officials say two flocks have collided and are currently analysing dead birds to determine the cause of the mass kill.

Meanwhile in New Mexico, USA, thousands of birds are dying off in an unprecedented and baffling mass kill:

More information about this mysterious bird mass die-off on З,, Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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  1. I had pet crows. Ravens too. They are super smart. Not likely to die off unless some external variables involved.

    Poisoning is likely. Too bad ☹. Birds can get into bait poisons. When it gets colder, they aren’t as picky. They need more food, so they may be eating dead / poisoned rodents. Thats my hunch.

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