Vicious hailstorm buries Mexican cities in feet of hail – Streets turn into raging rivers (videos and pictures)

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Severe hailstorm buries parts of Mexico in feet of hails. Picture via Twitter

A severe thunderstorm buried the Mexican municipalities of Naucalpan, Atizapán de Zaragoza, Tlalnepantla and Huixquilucan, in more than 1 foot (60 cms) of hail and transforming streets into raging rivers.

The storm started around 6:20 p.m. and lasted for approximately 20 minutes. Apocalyptic, no?

During the storms, a man died of hyperthermia after being trapped in his car. There are no reports of bad injuries.

More than 30 houses, an hospital and a governmental office have been flooded as streets became raging rivers.

Meanwhile, more than 300 government workers have been deployed to help residents.

I hope everybody reading this blog is safe and ready for the next emergency disaster! [Milenio]

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  1. The hospital has a few feet of water in the ground floor. At least they rescued the little babies, and sick people.
    That’s good work, obviously they had to scramble, since the elevator was out of operation.

    A job well done. Nobody died.

  2. More proof of CO2 caused Global Climate Change.

    The UN should call up its troops already and send the UN armies into any nation refusing to give up CO2 production and support the new green order of the world.

    It is for the sake of our children and our children’s children that the UN must do so before it is too late.

  3. Frozen water from space, but not comets. Discovery Vol. 19 No. 01 The result of this frozen water from Space is large hail stones being created often resulting in storms and hail in strange locations, however, the satellites that were used to see that frozen water has been closed to nonGovernmental use! This frozen water is linked to Noah’s Flood. “Locked Gates the Riddle Lord’s Secrets” by Howard West

  4. Never seen a hailstorm that didn’t come out of nowhere. Usually the clouds look weirder than rain clouds. Then it hits unexpectedly.

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