More Strange Noises in the Sky from Michigan – January 11 2013


January 11 2013 – Michigan, USA. More noise coming from outside in Michigan during heavy rain in the early morning hours of the 11th of January 2013. Sounds like heavy traffic or an airplane that’s really low. It’s a low, constant noise that changes in tone throughout. It is similar to the rumbling sounds we are used to and we hear all over the world. Thank you and have a nice week-end.


  1. I am a chemical engineer. If you look at the research on my blog I believe I know what these are. They are energetic entropic dark matter particles spit our from the sun during coronal mass ejections orbiting overhead at hundreds of miles/sec. They trigger sinkholes & seismic events and low pressure systems ion the atmosphere. They are condensing the water overhead triggering the rain.

    • We also heard that noise in NW Ohio this evening. followed with a flash of light. We thought that it was thunder, but the dogs in our neighborhood were going absolutely insane. Almost sounded like a big dog fight because so many of them were barking at once. I wonder what this is….It is kind of creeping me out!!

    • I left a post on the 10th, heard the almost same sound at around 4:30am. Lasted a bit and stopped then started again. Strange, un-nerving and I hope to record it if I hear it again.

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