Strange Sounds Compilation: USA, Greece, Spain from January 26 to January 28 2012


Strange Sounds reported by followers from all over the World. Thank you and stay tuned! MP

Portland – January 28 2013. Here in Portland, OR, I just heard, what sounded like multiple jets hovering over my house. The sound last for roughly 5 minutes. When I went outside to look, there was nothing directly over my house but yet it sounded extremely loud.

2 videos of Kentucky caught on the same night!

Morehead, Kentucky – January 28 2013. Morehead Ky, 2:30-3:00A.M Jan 28, 2013 I heard strange noises outside for over 30 minutes! Listen at 3:00 time line and you hear it good!

Hendersen Kentucky – January 28 2013. “Sky Roar” recorded 1/28/13 @ 1:14 AM. I am going to bed at 3:10AM and sound continues. also seems to have a low vibration and some higher pitched noises at times (not heard in this video). Volume is low…it was phone recording. You might need to turn up your sound a bit.

Rhodes, Greece – January 27 2013. Exact same thing here in Rhodes, Greece! Same time as well! That only tells one thing…whatever this is…it’s huge…

Prairie Groove, Arkansas – January 27 2013. In Prairie Grove, AR today several of us heard a big “boom” sound. This was around 2p CST.

Alice, Texas January 26 2013. Last night at 10:30 pm in Alice, Texas, we heard a loud boom that officials cannot explain, and there were no reported crashes in the area , it sounded like a loud crashing boom.

Madrid, Spain – January 26 2013. Here in Madrid also has sound heard. And worldwide. This is really weird.

Bernardsville, NorthCentral New Jersey– January 26 2013. no real noticeable clouds but couldn’t see stars. I noticed the rhythmic rumbling inside the house at about 8:15 pm. My husband and I went outside to look and saw nothing and continued to hear the rumbling at about 3-4 rumbles a minute. A neighborhood dog or two were barking a little. A family member who was a few miles away just northwest of us also heard it and went outside to look. He said it sounded like a bowling ball hitting the floor in an alley. Unfortunately I didn’t record the sound, but it may not have picked up on the Ipad. I had heard about this phenomena but hadn’t experienced it before. The rumbling sounds finaled at about 8:35 pm with a longer lasting more audible rumbling boom. We didn’t see any flashes or notice anything else unusual. We live 1/2 hr. due west of Newark airport and didn’t notice any planes as we stood outside listening. The direction seemed to be coming from the northwest. I’ll have to investigate to find the same kind of sound coming from others who recorded.

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  1. South Point Ohio 1/29/2013 Hearing roaring sounds from outside over 40 minutes. now..reminds me of a large group of air planes over head but the sound is lasting to long for that to be the answer. The sound fades then grows …can any tell me what this is???

  2. various dates throughout 2012. Cannot remember specifics. Didnt record events. Toledo, Ohio. At least 10-15 times. I could hear rumbling like a plane was going by. That makes sense bc I live 10 miles from the Toledo airport. What didnt make sense was I used to live 4 miles awat and never heard these kinds of noises. It would sound like a plane would hover right over top of my building for 30 minutes at a time

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