Double Moon Hoax: Mars And The Moon Will Not Appear The Same Size on August 27!


The double moon hoax is back again… like each year actually!

Mars and the moon will not and have never appeared the same size on August 27!

And I thought we were going to make it through August 2014 without the double moon on August 27 hoax being revived. I was wrong. But how can people actually believe this?!?

But it is a buzz! Here’s what this hoax looks like:

SEE MARS AS LARGE AS THE FULL MOON ON 27TH AUGUST 2014. Should be spectacular! Truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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Double moon hoax on August 27: Pictures like this showing two moons in the sky (Mars and the Moon) circulate on the web. They are a hoax: the Double moon hoax on August 27. Photo: Facebook

What is behind this trending hoax?

Yes it sounds amazing but can’t be true! This hoax started back in summer 2003 and has been perpetuating since then.

So how did this rumor of Mars-as-big-and-bright-as-the-moon get started?

It started with an actual (though much more subtle) event in 2003. On August 27 of that year, Earth and Mars came very slightly closer than they’d been in nearly 60,000 years. Our two worlds, center-to-center, were less than 35 million miles apart. Mars was at its closest looking like a dot of flame in the night sky. But Mars wasn’t and has never been as big and bright as the moon, even at its closest in 2003…

But the legend continues … Let’s wait until next year for a double moon hoax revival on August 27.

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