Weather Anomalies November 2 2014: Super Typhoon Nuri, Early Snowfalls, UK Tornado


Here a compilation of weather anomalies from around the world.

Snow lovers get prepared! Within next week, the western parts of the Alps will get 1-2 m snowfall. First snow should fall tomorrow in the NW corner of Italy and S Switzerland. So who is ready for a snowy winter in Europe? At this point nobody, I believe:

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And what about California? The Muir Trail Ranch is blanketed by few centimeters of snow pulver:

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Actually, snow isn’t only covering the dry places like California but also some countries where we wouldn’t expect this to happen. For example, snowfall in Trabzon, Sis dağı, Turkey early this afternoon:

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Moreover, Somosierra near Madrid, Spain was hit by a strong hailstorm. Look at this thick hail accumulation! Amazing:

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Tornadoes are rare in the UK. Well the following damages Have probably been caused by such a twister in Coalville, Leicestershire, UK this morning:

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How not to end this severe weather panorama of November 2, 2014 without signaling super typhoon Nuri in the western Pacific! This CAT 4 typhoon is expected to strenghten into a CAT 5 in the next 12-18 hours. Can you imagine the winds: 150mph, with gusts of up to 185mph:

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Sometimes I just feel like flying to the moon.

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