Sun and Moon boost risks of megaquake at the Cascadia Subduction Zone


cascadia subduction zone, cascadia subduction zone megaquake, cascadia subduction zone megathrust quake, cascadia fault quake, cascadia fault megaquake, cascadia tremor activityThe Cascadia Subduction Zone is so weak and slippery in places that minuscule tidal forces produced by the sun and moon are enough to cause tremors.

Yes, deep part of Cascadia fault is so slippery that sun and moon trigger tremors!

The quakes involved are so tiny they’re imperceptible to people. But they’re part of a recently discovered process called slow slip that ratchets up pressure on the offshore fault called the Cascadia Subduction Zone — boosting the risk of a megaquake and tsunami.

Read the scientific publication here!

What are slow slip events?

  • They occure when tectonic plates slip slowly past each other 20 miles or more underground.
  • They last for several weeks and can propagate 100 miles or more north and south.
  • The pattern repeats roughly every 12 to 14 months.
  • Each releases as much energy as a magnitude 6.5 quake, but very slowly (faintly detectable).
  • While the slow slip relieves strain deep on the fault, it adds a little pressure to the shallower portion — called the locked zone — that will unleash a quake of up to magnitude 9 the next time it ruptures.

Moreover, a clear link exists between tremor rates and tide cycles in the complex topography of the Pacific Northwest. During some phases, the minute changes in pressure encourage tremor; during other phases, tremor is inhibited.

So what’s the deal?

There is a possibility — but no guarantee — that there will be some enhanced tremor or slow slip prior to the Cascadia megathrust.

The last time the Cascadia fault snapped was in 1700. This means that hundreds of slow-slip episodes — and countless tidal cycles — have played out since then without triggering a seismic cataclysm.

The next slow-slip event is expected to begin sometime this fall or winter.

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  1. I recently read a possible prediction for Cascadia fault to give way on May 28, 2015 at 4:00 p.m. Now unless a person has had a dream etc. then the MOON could be the culprit on this one! Still, with the second quake in Nepal we can see the up tic in very large quakes. Edgar Casey predicted some quakes and stated that New York would be inundated with water but the Gulf would be much sooner…those have already happened. West coast could be next! At least bring home some extra water, canned food, an emergency kit, and have extra blankets just in case. There are those who hear what is coming but fail to respond, and those who have seen in say dreams but fail to put two and two together. Someone knows yet might not place the happenings to Cascadia. What is FACT is scientists know it’s coming…they just don’t know when. Cascadia is “LOCKED,” folks. Read into that anyway you wish…I personally would get prepared cause you and family will be on your own for awhile!

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