Two mysterious booms trigger panic in Digha


Two back to back loud and still mysterious booms rocked Digha triggering panic among Indian tourists.

The unexplained detonations, similar to an explosion, were heard at around 11 am. Tourists ran out of their hotels in fear of a suicide attack.

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Two mysterious booms rattled Digha in India on August 26, 2017

Someone explains: “I was in my room when suddenly there were two back to back explosion-like sounds. The windows of the hotel room started shaking. Initially, we thought it was an earthquake.

The police, the coastal police, two fire crews and a disaster management team were directly sent onsite. They have not found anything yet.

People were asked not to enter the sea. The coast guard indicated that military exercise to fire air-to-air missiles near the coastline broke the sound barrier and triggered sonic booms that shattered window panes and damaged building facades on Saturday morning off Digha and Tajpur.

Sorry, I don’t eat it. What really produced the msterious detonations?

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