The mystery booms are increasing in intensity across the US in November 2017: Idaho, Alabama, Texas, Maryland, South Carolina, Florida, Louisiana, New York, California, New Jersey

Residents on both sides of the USA are currently reporting mystery booms and officials only come up with BS explanations or have no ideas about the origin of these loud booms. Most probable sources are earthquakes, skyquakes, army trainings, frost quakes… On the west coast you can certainly talk about earthquakes being the culprit of these booms. In the Northeast, the current polar vortex – record cold temperature beaten in Boston – and thus frost quakes may be responsible for the loud noises. Other sources will be army trainings. But what about Idaho, Alabama, Texas, Louisiana, Texas, South Carolina and Florida? Read below to debunk the mystery:

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Mysterious booms increase over the US in November 2017

Loud booms heard in Southern Idaho – Nov. 14th

Social media has been going crazy over the last 48 hours with inquires about loud ‘booms’ heard around Southern Idaho. Earthquakes, skyquakes, army trainings?

Loud ‘booms’ heard across NE Jefferson, St. Clair, Blount counties, Alabama – Nov 14th

The mysterious boom and rumblings were heard over a wide area. Officials are working to determine what that sound was. Nasa is puzzled by this new mystery.

In California, loud booms will be heard along Route 50 due to testing of avalanche material:

Loud booms Sayville/Bohemia/Ronkonkoma, New York – Nov. 13th

Huge boom rattles windows and houses in Marion and Citrus County, Florida – Nov. 13th

Army exercices at the range on Barksdale Air Force Base in Louisiana until Wednesday – Nov. 13th – Nov. 15th

The 2nd Civil Engineers Squadron team will be training from Monday, November 13 through Wednesday, November 15 starting at 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Demolitions training at McCrady, South Carolina – Nov. 12th

Mystery booms across Caroll County, Maryland – Nov. 12th

Loud booms and rumblings in DFW, Texas – Nov. 12th

but LOL!

Mystery booms in Mesa California – Nov. 11th

Meanwhile in England some weird ‘fireworks’ just detonated like bombs annoying at least one resident. Really fireworks?

We’ve seen several other explanations, including everything from UFO to underground tunnel conspiracies. Please live us your comment below!

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  1. Dec 9 2017 sonic booms are affecting wildlife. After loud boom all these birds flew into my backyard and started wobbling across the ground. After a few minutes they flew away. It was like whatever the boom was affected their flight radar it was weird. 10 to 15 birds.

  2. I heard several boom sounds far off and so did my plumber, he has been hearing it all week. My brother heard it on this past Monday. We live in Dunedin and Clearwater fl. I think military is gearing up for war.

  3. Hope it wasn’t something that caused chemicals to spread around our atmosphere and that would affect people’s health, never know what the government has under there selves.

  4. I live in south Louisiana.
    I heard 5 explosions within 3-4 seconds. The pressure wave that followed was intense. I was outside, my ears hurt and pressure on my chest was powerful. Ground shook . I dont think it was sonic boom. Too many explosions.

  5. HAARP?… Possible. However for those of you who are anything like me, you can never underestimate anything. For those of you who don’t believe in conspiracies, where do you think facts derive from, thin air? No… All facts were once one, or many people’s theories at one point. There have been quite a strange theories uploaded on YouTube in recent times. Even so, ones that I cannot just underestimate. Underestimating leads to disappointment.

  6. Heard loud booming noises last night between 10 and 11 PM like thunder that just kept on and on and even sounded like bombs going off or very loud fireworks in distance. We live in SW Volusia County in Florida

  7. If the liberals cannot take down Trump, then they will take down his COUNTRY with engineered earthquakes, anything to destroy Trump and destroy America.
    We KNOW who is behind all this, don’t we ? Uh huh, same ones who were behind the Vegas shootings, that’s right. They will destroy the entire planet if they cannot steal it.

    • John, you are dead on correct. Too bad dumbass liberal scumbags don’t see it, but I DO !! The Jews are behind the sonic booms. They are going to kill every last Christian, no matter what it takes. They are detonating thermite charges across any available fault lines in America in an attempt to rattle our lives. See, this is why Jews love money ; cause it allows them to buy things that enable them to destroy their enemies, and as we all know, all NON-JEWS are their enemies, so no one is safe. Let me tell you that when their day of reckoning arrives, I will be cheering and screaming in pure joy, and IT WILL ARRIVE.