Earthquake swarm continues to rattle Idaho: More than 200 earthquakes since September 2


The earthquake swarm continues near Soda Springs, Idaho.

There have been more than 34 temblors Sunday, bringing the a total of 204 tremors since Sept. 2. And seismologists say the worst-case scenario is that the swarm ends with a destructive 7.0 magnitude quake.

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The earthquake swarm near Soda Springs Idaho counts more than 200 earthquakes. Southeast Idaho has never seen so many earthquakes in such a short time frame

Some of the earthquakes have been felt throughout Southeast Idaho and as far away as Logan, Ogden and Salt Lake City in Utah.

Scientists have calculated that some of the faults in Southeast Idaho could trigger a 7.0 quake. Although the current earthquake swarm is not necessarily an indication that it will occur anytime soon, the faults in Southeast Idaho are pretty much unknown and thus it is difficult to predict when the next destructive 7.0 earthquake will occur.

More is known about the faults in northern Utah. A large erthquake is due in the area in the next 50 years.

The ongoing quake swarm began on the night of Sept. 2 with 34 tremors with a M5.3 earthquake. Now, 10 days later we have more than 204 earthquakes. Southeast Idaho has never seen so many earthquakes in such a short time frame.

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