People all over Cairns, Australia report whopping great Big Bang but its source is still a mystery


Who heard the ‘explosion’ on October 7, 2017?

People all over Cairns have reported hearing a whopping great big bang about 10.30pm but its source is still a bit of a mystery.

Residents from suburbs as distant as Woree and the Northern Beaches heard the noise. Can you help us get to the bottom of it?

THE city’s “big bang” mystery continues to deepen with residents split on whether it was caused by a meteorite, gas bottle explosion, electrical transformer failure or sonic boom. What created these deep holes in the ground?

Here some Facebook comments:

Louise White: Went to bed round 11:30 and heard a boom and saw a bright light come through the curtain, got up but couldn’t see anything. Thought I was going crazy.

Karen Gibbs: It was actually around 11:25 last night, and I heard it very clearly in Edge Hill not far from the Bot/Gardens. It made me get up and check outside. Definitely not fireworks; ONE sound,that lasted about five seconds. There was no variation to the sound, just loud and strong. There’s a woman on Cairns Crimes and Alerts that has security camera footage we’ve been told, and she seems to live in that area???

Jason Tempest: I’m at McPherson Close in Edge Hill. I did see a bright flash come through an east facing window (towards the gardens) even though my blinds were closed (quite weird really). The light still came through and reflected off the floor but I didn’t hear anything as I had my music way up. I did think it may have been lightning and checked the radar but it was clear. So yeah – strange?

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Holes in the ground were found near Cairns where a bright flash of light was observed and the mighty explosion shook houses.

Lorna Taum Bowie: I live on Jensen street up past the bowls club, I saw light flash and then followed by a loud bang seconds later.

Deszree Bridget Edwards: I live in RedlynchRise on hill near pub. And I heard it too was pretty loud sounded like a bomb going off.

Tony George: I’ve seen the first military jet fly over Redlynch this evening (Sunday pm). Bang may be sound barrier broken?? I heard it many times in the N.T in the 1990’s with the RAAF fighter jets flying over. This is my best guess.

Rebecca Annette: It happened at 11:15pm and I initially thought it happened across the road because the boom was so loud, my son saw the bright flash from upstairs and our place shook. I called the police and as I was talking to the officer, he said more reports were starting to come in. It seems what we felt, heard and saw was so far spread, the police have had no idea which street to start looking in. It probably hasn’t helped that the boom could have reverberated off the mountains, sending the noise further. A woman witnessed some kids running in Jensen St, then walking back as if nothing happened and another man said his neighbour chased them because it happened behind his house. I wonder if the police have actually looked in the new development behind the Enmore St park as that backs onto multiple houses and the park. That could be the reason why so many people have said it was so close to them like it was for us. I guess they’ll find out tomorrow if workmen arrive at the site and find half the ground blown up.

cairns mysterious explosion meteorite, cairns mysterious explosion meteorite video, cairns mysterious explosion meteorite pictures
A mysterious explosion shook Cairns on October 7 2017 and nobody knows what caused it!

Now the facts

A single FA-18 Hornet was heard flying loudly over Cairns on Sunday night. But no jets were operating late on Saturday night when a god-almighty “explosion” was heard across the city.

To me it is a meteorite fireball going sonic as it disintegrated through the atmosphere (flash of light seen in several locations before loud boom.

Corroborating this idea is the fact that a man found a mysterious smouldering hole surrounded by broken and burning tree limbs near Edge Hill State School on Monday morning, using Facebook comments to triangulate the likely location of a meteorite strike.

There was a large chunk of what looked like concrete inside the hole but no meteorite.

This was most probably where the explosion took place! I am seeking expert opinion on the mystery. Thanks!


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  1. Most reports indicating the light flash are from a ground level event and an expert has come out claiming it’s not a meteorite because of the fire and that meteorites come down cool, not burning hot causing a fire.

    The explosion was larger than fireworks and similar to the noise of a car crash exploding after impacting a power pole. Many reports are quite unreliable as with all witness accounts however they do give a decent indication of location and visibility/audibility range of the ‘explosion’.

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