10 STORMS in 10 WEEKS: Ophelia becomes hurricane, tying record from 1893


The feverish 2017 hurricane season doesn’t seem to be letting up.

Ophelia became a hurricane late Wednesday, the tenth named storm in a row to reach that status, tying a record set more than a century ago.

The last time a season produced 10 consecutive hurricanes was in 1893, a period when tracking hurricanes largely relied on ships and barometric readings.

Hurricane Ophelia

Located in the central Atlantic about 760 miles southwest of the Azores, Ophelia poses no threat to land and would probably be unremarkable if not for its place in the record books.

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hurricane ophelia path

The storm was nearly stalled Wednesday evening, with sustained winds of 70 mph. If it picks up speed, it could intensify over the next day or so, then encounter increasing wind shear in three days that should cause it to weaken and fall apart over the weekend, National Hurricane Center forecasters said.

Hurricane season 2017

So far, the 2017 season is the third most active on record, behind 1933 and 2005, forecaster said. September — when the season historically peaks — has been three and a half times busier than the last three decades. Jose, Katia, Lee and Maria all became hurricanes and while Irma formed in August, it hung around long enough to make a September appearance.

2017 atlantic hurricane season names
2017 atlantic hurricane season names

Both Irma and Maria also reached fierce Category 5 strength. September also set a new high for the most accumulated cyclone energy — a measure of the intensity and duration of storms — breaking the record set in 2004, forecasters said.

Ophelia is 10th consecutive Atlantic named storm to reach hurricane – tying the all-time record set in 1878 and equaled in 1886 & 1893.

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  1. HAARP waves are sending Hurricane Ophelia to Europe from the warm waters. This time, they will do it from below. Taking this form, all European countries. Spain, Portugal, France, Germany, Holland, Norway, Ireland, England, Scotland. Million questions are … How can a hurricane form if the waters are not hot? How can you remove a hurricane that is being fed from hot waters to form in the cold waters? This demonstrates once again that this hurricane (Ophelia) are not natural, are created artificially and then with the HAARP waves, are directed towards the areas of interest to destroy. In this case, All Europe. HAARP SOB!!

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