Unseasonal snowstorm drops 8 inches of snow on Mauna Kea, Hawaii – Roads are closed


And here another weather anomaly! Hawaii has experienced an unseasonal snowstorm, covering the top of Mauna Kea with up to 8 inches of white snow on November 28, 2017. Although snow on the Hawaiian mountains – especially on the tallest volcanic mountain on the islands – is not as uncommon as it sounds, the timing of the snowfall is earlier than meteorologists would expect. AND this anomalous weather situation will last until end of the week!

This is the scene from atop Mauna Kea Tuesday. Yes, Hawaii does get snow, believe it or not!

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anomalous snowstorm hits Hawaii Mauna Kea on Nov. 27-28 2017. via Twitter

Hawaii weather has an average reveals that today’s average temperature is a mild 84 degrees (29 degrees Celsius) but up on Mauna Kea, the highest peak on the Big Island of Hawaii, it’s freezing (27°F or -3°C), with winds whipping up to 16 mph (25kmh).

Tropical paradise is looking more like a winter wonderland this morning as snow blankets parts of Hawaii. The Big Island summits are experiencing whiteout conditions. Up to 1’ of snow is possible.

Yesterday morning, Nov. 28, Mauna Kea was completely saturated with icy rain and snow. Here a timelapse of the snow on Nov. 27-28:

The rain and anomalous snow are expected to continue until the end of the week.

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