Super Monster Wolf robots with glowing red eyes and terrifying growl to help protect livestock and crops


Robots do not tire, do not question and they do not hesitate to kill. But they cannot feel, cannot emote, cannot create and they cannot love. It’s with our humanity that we’re going to beat them, when the inevitable robot apocalypse descends upon us. This summer, Japanese farmers have tested successfully the Super Monster Wolf robot, that actually protects sheep from predators using techniques from both wolves and their sworn enemies – humans.  Is this a good bot or a bad bot? Will this make a good plot or a bad plot?

In Kisarazu, a small town in Japan’s Chiba Prefecture, farmers have long been at war with wild animals – mainly bears, birds, wild boars and deers – that destroy their crops or kill their livestock. But instead of implementing poisonous chemicals, the agricultural cooperative association JA Kisarazu-shi decided to re-introduce wolves… THE ROBOTIC SUPER MONSTER WOLFES.

Measuring about 65 centimeters long and 50 centimeters tall, the Super Monster Wolf emits a 90-decibel growl and flashes red eyes when infrared sensors detect movement nearby. The robot has passed its test phase successfully end on September 2017.

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A speciment of Super Monster Wolf reintroduced in Japan to protect crops and livestock in Japan. via Youtube video

So if you are walking in a field in Japan and start hearing a terrifying growl, it’s not a wild wolf – Japanese wolf and Hokkaido wolf are both extinct – but the terrifying “super monster wolf” that may once also want to kill you!

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