While a HEAT WAVE scorches U.S. Midwest and East, SNOW falls in British Colombia and Arctic port needs icebrakers in July


Is there something wrong with our climate? While a HEAT WAVE scorches U.S. Midwest and East, SNOW falls in British Colombia and a Russian arctic port needs icebrakers in July. Yes that is just very weird!

heatwave usa july 2018, heatwave usa july 2018 map, A blistering heat wave will sweep the U.S. Midwest and East on Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures and humidity levels are expected to reach well above normal
A blistering heat wave will sweep the U.S. Midwest and East on Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures and humidity levels are expected to reach well above normal. via Weather.com

A blistering heat wave will sweep the U.S. Midwest and East on Saturday and Sunday, when temperatures and humidity levels are expected to reach well above normal. Tens of millions of Americans will be under heat warnings, watches and advisories as temperatures reach above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (37 Celsius) in major cities such as Chicago, New York and Philadelphia. Cities across the region, from the Mississippi River to the East Coast, have set up cooling centers to keep people out of the dangerous heat. The hot weather is especially dangerous for young children, elderly people and people with health problems, it said. – Yahoo

snow british columbia canada july 2018, snow british columbia canada july 2018 pictures, snow british columbia canada july 2018 video
Big White Ski Resort in BC, Canada on July 2, 2018. via Twitter

Meanwhile in British Colombia, Canada, no matter where you go in the province today, you won’t escape the cold. Rain showers are expected to periodically hit several regions of B.C. until Wednesday and if you’re up in the mountains there’s snow. It already fell on Big White in the Okangan and some mountain passes Monday morning, closing biking trails and putting motorists on high alert. Whistler Blackcomb also got hit with the white stuff, delying the opening of their summer season Peak Chair opening. Here: Fresh powder coats the forests of Gallagher’s Canyon, British Columbia, Canada:

All of this, according to Environment Canada meteorologist Doug Lundquist is not the norm for this time of year. “The average for this time of year is in the mid 20s. So for it to go from the high 30s, down to the low 20s and into the teens for highs is really a shock for us,” said Lundquist. “But, it is not unheard of for this time of year.” – Surrey Now Leader

Going on a bit up North, there is still snow and ice in Northern Canada. While the weather has been warmer the past couple weeks, the very cold spring in N. Quebec and N. Labrador has left some snow on the ground there in the first week of July. The ice on Hudson Bay is slowly melting, but the bay is still mostly ice covered.

snow cover canada, snow cover canada map, snow cover canada july 2018
Another sign of the mini ice age we are in? via NOAA
snow cover canada, snow cover canada map, snow cover canada july 2018
Northern Canada still covered in snow and ice in July 2018. via NOAA

There is still a little ice left on Great Bear Lake and inland lakes northwest of Hudson Bay are still frozen. Barrow (Utqiaġvik) had a high of 41 yesterday. The average high at Barrow in July is 47. – WoodsTV

icebreaker russia, icebreaker russia july 2018
Icebrakers free vessels from 2 meters thick ice in northern Russia in July 2018. via The Barent Observer

Finally, in the Gulf of Ob, Russia, three icebrakers have been sent to rescue and free natural gas and oil tankers stuck in six to nine foot thick sea ice. – The Barent Observer.

Again that’s totally crazy for this time of the year! Little ice age?

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  1. Global warming messes with the climate. Weather extremes and odd weather is the new norm. Not surprising, since we had plenty of warning from scientists that this was coming.

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  3. Lake Christine Fire prompts additional evacuations

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    Kenworth Fire 07-01-2018 West Valley City Utah

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