Extreme snowfall in Austria, Germany, Italy and Slovenia Alps in SUMMER


We are in August and people across the EU should still be enjoying summer’s sweltering temperatures. But no, a cold front moving across central Europe brought heavy snow – up to 40cm overnight – in Austrian, German, Italian Alps, triggering evacuations and road chaos.

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Train plowing through snow drifts at about 100 km/h in Norway. By David Gubler (http://www.bahnbilder.ch). – Own work : http://bahnbilder.ch/picture/7697 via Wikipedia

There has been heavy snowfall on higher slopes in the Alps this weekend, with Austrian glaciers appearing to get the biggest accumulations so far.

Up to 35cm of snow was forecast to fall by Monday morning at Hintertux, which reports 30cm of fresh snow so far this morning. So it looks like a summer powder day there when the weather clears. – In the Snow

The city of Salzburg, according to WetterOnline, saw the heaviest downfall. But areas at less than 1000 metres of altitude were also covered in snow. Residents of Obertauern, Rauris, Sankt Jakob in Defereggental and Hintertux on Sunday morning were welcomed with snowflakes amid zero-degree temperatures.

The unusual weather is not all good news in the Alps though, the leading resort of Saalbach Hinterglemm had an emergency evacuation a few days ago as flash floods hit. – Mirror

The snow closed down the road to Mangart and whitened Kredarica, Slovenia. Is snow unusual at this time of the year in Slovenia? I don’t know. But I’m thinking that Slovenians do not need to worry about global warming this year. – RTV Slo

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