UK, Norway, Pakistan, India and China: 5 Countries Currently Hit by Disastrous Floods


It seems that floods and floodings are currently increasing around the globe.

After the apocalyptic midwest floods that have started in April 2019 – and that drowned millions of calves and completely obliterated the US food industry – it’s now Europe (UK and Norway) as well as Asia (Pakistan, India and China) that are mainly hit by torrential rains, flash flooding and drownings.

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floods in August 2019

Dam collapse in the UK – 6,500 people evacuated

As already reported yesterday, about 6,500 people have been rescued from Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire, UK, after the partial collapse of Toddbrook Reservoir dam.

An RAF Chinook was dropping sandbags on the Toddbrook Reservoir dam, in a bid to stop the 19th century structure further collapsing.

A severe flood warning was issued for River Goyt at Whaley Bridge due to damage to Toddbrook Reservoir was .

Crocodiles invade the flooded city of Vadodara, India

About half a metre of rain fell in 24 hours producing heavy flooding in parts of the state of Gujarat in the west of India.

Residents and pets living in Vadodara and other cities of Gujarat have now the difficualt and dangerous task to live in water infested by aggressive crocodiles: 

Meanwhile at least 3 people have died after heavy rain in the state of Rajasthan. Terrifying, isn’t it?

Deadly flooding in Norway

At least 1 person is missing and over 150 have been evacuated after heavy rain triggered landslides, floods and debris flows in south-western Norway on 30 July, 2019.

Norway’s weather warning service, Varom, said that 33mm of rain fell in 1 hour in Vassenden in Jølster and 92mm of rain fell in 1 day in Botnen in Førde. Roads have been closed and power and telecommunications disrupted. A car and its driver are believed to have been swept away in Jølstravatnet.

China flooding without interruptions

Another massive flooding in China’s north-eastern Heilongjiang Province has displaced around 11,400 people and damaged over 2,500 homes. The direct economic losses are estimated to reach over US$315 million.

So far, the floods in Heilongjiang have affected about 563,000 hectares of crops in the province, of which around 79,130 hectares had been wiped out.

Rain causes deadly floods and landslides in Pakistan

At least 10 people have died in rain and flood-related incidents in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, Pakistan over the last few days.

And the cows had a really bad time:

Flash flooding and landslides, affected 10 districts in the province, killed 10 people and injured 29. Furthermore, 9 houses were destroyed and 16 severely damaged.

Rain , floods, landslides…and crocodiles… That’s a terrifying and deadly cocktail mix.

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