While Piparo Mud Volcano Explodes and Cracks Roads, Tropical Storm Karen Floods Trinidad and Tobago


While residents living near Piparo mud volcano, Trinidad and Tobago, reported hearing a loud explosion at 22:08 local time, on September 21, 2019.

Heavy rain, strong winds and rough seas have caused severe damage in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean… Is there a link between those two events?

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Piparo mud volcano explosion on September 21, 2019. Picture: vimeo video

Loud Explosion of Piparo Mud Volcano – Sulfur Gas Emitted

Piparo residents, on the island of Trinidad, have been told to stay away from the immediate area surrounding the Piparo mud volcano as it has been deemed a danger to life and limb.

On Saturday night, residents were awakened by the pungent scent of sulphur gas emitted from several large fissures and cracks which appeared near the mud volcano.

One home-owner, Eddie Solomon together with members of his family, was forced to abandon his home as several large cracks appeared on the walls while a concrete walkway was lifted at least two feet above the main walkway.

The last eruption was 20 years ago.

More test needed to be performed at the site, but volcanologists say it is a “ticking time bomb.”

The mud volcano “appears to be emitting sulphuric gases”. There are fissures and ruptures around the volcano. The area around the volcano has been cordoned off.

In May 2019, geologists said pressure is building up under the volcano, raising fears another eruption is imminent. A devastating eruption took place at the volcano 22 years ago and Piparo has a cyclic­i­ty of large erup­tions every 25 to 30 years. Source

Tropical Storm Karen: Flooding in Trinidad and Tobago

Areas in the south western tip of the island of Tobago were badly affected from around 21 September.

Strong winds downed trees and power lines, blocking roads and causing power and telecommunication outages.

All schools have been closed. Nine shelters were set up to house families displaced by the severe weather.

Several boats were damaged in the rough seas in the Plymouth area, where a jetty was destroyed. Storm surge and high waves also caused coastal flooding damaging some buildings in Plymouth.

The worst of the flooding was seen in Scarborough, where at least 1 house was destroyed, and along the coast in Lowlands where several people were trapped in their homes.

Tobago Emergency Management Agency (TEMA) said in a statement of 22 September that it has received approximately 88 reports of incidents as a result of Tropical Storm Karen.

These vary from blown off roofs, fallen trees and utility poles in the roadway, flooding, strong winds and damage to residential and commercial properties.

Scarborough and South Western Tobago experienced severe flooding, as well as power outages around the island.

From 22 September heavy rain caused severe flooding on Trinidad island in particular in the north west of the island including areas around the capital, Port of Spain, Diego Martin and Cocorite where floods swept away vehicles.

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Heavy flooding in Trinidad and Tobago after passage of Tropical Storm Karen on September 21-22, 2019. Picture: Gov of Trinidad and Tobago.

The St Joseph’s river broke its banks in the vicinity of Grand Bazaar, on the outskirts Port of Spain. Flooding inundated highways causing major traffic disruption.

Tropical Storm Karen is now expected to head north and approach Puerto Rico and the US and British Virgin Islands from around 24 September. A tropical storm warning is in effect for these countries. Heavy rain of up to 150mm could still affect the Windward Islands. Source

That is completely weird, no? Do you think there is a link between the eruption and the tropical storm landfall?

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