Lagoon Turns Bright Pink After Major Tropical Storm in Mexico (Videos and Pictures)


A very unusual phenomenon has baffled residents living near Puerto Escondido in the Mexican state of Oaxaca.

About a week ago, just after Tropical Storm Narda, the water in la laguna de Manialtepec turned bright pink, stunning local residents. A first time in the region!

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Lagoon turns pink in Oaxaca, Mexico after heavy rains from tropical storm Narda. By Eduardo Amaro Fotografo via Twitter

It is still unknown why the water in the lagoon Manialtepec turned bright pink. At first glance, the water of the lagoon is not toxic.

UMAR Biologists are currently analysing water samples.

Their hypothesis is that the rains from Narda lowered the salinity of the lagoon, thus creating favorable conditions for the fast and sudden growth of microorganisms that changed the color of the water.

Here a Facebook video showing this amazing pink water phenomenon:

Back in 2016, the water of the Lagoon of La Salina, also in Oaxaca, turned blood red due to a bloom of cyanobacteria. But in contrast to what happened a few days ago, this phenomenon was induced by high temperatures, absence of rain and strong sunlight, which led to the increase of the salt concentration in the water.

In the last few days, I learned that powerful storms can turn the sky (Japan) and lagoons (Mexico) pink. By the way, there are many different pink lakes around the world.

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