Ice Volcanoes Erupt Off Lake Michigan


Sunday was a great day to visit the beach and watch the waves interact with the ice.

Here’s a couple “ice volcanoes” erupting at Oval Beach on February 16, 2020.

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Ice volcanoes on Lake Michigan. Picture via twitter

The National Weather Service Grand Rapids posted on Twitter Sunday pictures of “ice volcanoes” erupting at Oval Beach.

Ice volcanoes commonly occur during the winter months along the north shore of Lake Superior.

Cones begin to form at the leading edge of the ice shelf as it builds out into the lake.

Here a video from an ice volcano video on Lake Erie in 2016

When the waves, driven by strong onshore winds, feel bottom they build and break onto the ice shelf.

After the ice shelf has built out, waves continue to travel underneath the ice and are forced up through cracks and previously formed cones. More on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.[Twitter, Michigan Tech]

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