Watch as Hurricane Laura slams into Gulf Coast in this terrifying and apocalyptic video compilation

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Horrible damages after Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles, LA. Picture via Twitter

Laura made landfall overnight as a storm of historic proportions, with wind speeds of 150 miles an hour, surpassing Hurricane Katrina in 2005. By early Thursday morning, the winds had weakened to 105 miles an hour.

Hurricane-force winds extended outward for 60 miles, and storm surges could be unsurvivable, the center said.

While the western Gulf Coast is less densely populated than the New Orleans area, Laura, like Katrina, made landfall in the dead of night, complicating any last-minute evacuation or rescue efforts.

About 383,000 customers in Louisiana and some 93,000 customers in Texas were without power Thursday morning, according to

The extent of damage wasn’t yet clear along the western Gulf Coast, but people who didn’t evacuate posted videos overnight on social media of roofs coming off hotels, windows blowing out of office buildings and roads made impassable by flooding.

Now, Hurricane Laura has weakened to a Category 2 storm, but it continues to threaten what forecasters described as lethal flooding and widespread wind damage.

Below, you will find a compilation of different videos and pictures, showing the amazing power of this unprecedented storm.

Do you have more videos and pictures of Hurricane Laura you want me to post here? More extreme weather news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle. [WSJ]

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