After infection or jab? An estimated 38 million Americans have developed an autonomic nervous system disorder following Covid-19 infection


I think this is something interesting… It seems that a lot of US citizens have developed an autonomic nervous system disorder following Covid-19 infection.

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  1. Desperate Ukrainian Refugees Who Flee War; Paint Swastikas on WW2 Graves and STAB People in Host Countries!
    World NewsDesk 06 May 2022 Hits: 14485

    Tears are shed by many around the world for “those poor Ukrainian Refugees, fleeing the Russian Invasion.” But some of those “poor Ukrainian Refugees” graffiti Swastikas onto World War 2 grave sites and stab people in the face and neck in their host countries! It has already happened in the Netherlands and now, here in New York City.

    We begin in the city of Nijmegan in the Netherlands, home to the Jonkerbos War Cemetery (Link) World War 2 Military Cemetery and memorial to the victims of NAZIS. Recent Ukrainian refugees are believed to have defiled the graves and the memorial, with spray-painted Swastikas and cheers for Ukraine’s (NAZI) “Azov Battalion:


  2. It is Fascism if the surgeon is put for you under anesthesia covid vaccine… we ask you always on surgery say no to covid allergy reactions.

  3. As pertains to “long COVID’ (a questionable, invented term of the ‘captured elites’), this group is asking the NIH to help fund studies for cures for a disorder caused by the NIH.

  4. Look carefully at rev 6:2, the word bow in the greek can also be TOXIN. Could we be in tribulation? Lord Fauci, was given a crown (corona) and we all know what the toxin is.

    • Yes, indeed. The 1st horse is Pestilence; COVID-19.

      I initially thought like you about the crown, and I think you are in to something but the key takeaway is that this rider is the human individual component of the anti-Christ, and he wants to be like Jesus, so he rides a white horse and has a crown.

      There are multiple meanings that need to be derived in order to get a complete understanding. When you’ve found one meaning, don’t stop there. There is more..

  5. I never had kung-flu and never had a fake vax. I don’t let vaxxed people on my property either. I stay on my ranch, and pay my workers to get supplies. I don’t trust any of these satanic abominations in our government. Burn in hell.

  6. When you create a Bioweapon using Gain of Function, you can put in many diffent diseases to make it bad for ANT Human who gets sick.
    If DC does not destroy Fauci, NIH, CDC and China…well I’ll leave it to your imagination Folks.
    Oh 1 of 23 Biolabs run by the NIH in Ukraine has been destroyed. Question – did they get the viruses/bacterias out first?
    If not Captain Tripps here we DIE!

  7. COVID WAS PSY OPERATION by the world government of new world order. Now we need ask why suddenly no more fuss about covid19? there will be riots by those who put shot since the shot make people crazy and zombie and cancerous. Cancer rate is jumped 2000 percents? The USA is run by stupid people other wise USA will be better now. Why Biden itched world war 3 with Putin?
    Islam has no heart in the world populations and Jesus Christ is fastest growing of religion in the world.

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