These mysterious flashes were captured on video in the sky over New Jersey. It’s aboslutely not the typical light in the sky you are used to see. This one’s much stranger:

Unexplained flashes in the sky over New Jersey, mysterious Unexplained flashes in the sky over New Jersey, strange flash sky new jersey
Unexplained flashes in the sky over New Jersey. via Youtube

Another amazing and strange aerial phenomenon none the less. Do you know what it could be?

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Youtube – Unexplained Flashes filmed in the sky of New Jersey


  1. WOW…It looked like a angelic battle in the skies! I would guess lightning…but it was only in one place…. and lasted a good while to be lightning?

  2. perhaps this will sound strange but i do hope it is an angelic or higher meaning battle. i mean im okay in this world because not a prey or stupid. but still..
    those who think that they can do everything with everyone without consequences must be a get a really tasty punishment!

  3. Sorry but… Most probably electric sparking reflection in glass. The more that sound fits to it.

  4. Uhhhh doubt fireworks ….it looks sort of like an attempted sky projection or holographic thing. Idk. ….or maybe simply what other person said……….light pf whatever sort reflection off of glass somewhere.


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