Germany Launches its Largest Offshore Wind Farm on the North Sea: Bard Offshore 1


It is the beginning of a new era: The first high-sea (offshore) wind farm went into operation. Soon more will follow despite great risks in financing.

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Title: German wind farms in the North Sea; Blue circles: In construction; Grey circles: In operation; Source: Stiftung OFFSHORE- WINDENERGIE

The age of sea-based large-scale power plants in Germany has begun with the completion of the wind farm Bard Offshore 1 100 kilometers off the island of Borkum on Monday. 80 wind turbines now provide a ready capacity of 400 megawatts, enough to power about 400,000 households in wind power.

German Offshore wind farms: BARD Offshore 1, German Offshore wind farms

Bard Offshore 1 is the first wind farm project on high sea for Germany and represents a technological and logistical masterpiece.

It is the first large wind farm, which was completed in the North Sea and has a working network connection.

bard offshore 1 is the largest high sea wind farm in germany and opened in AUgust 2013, largest wind farm in germany opens in august 2013

Bard 1, Germany’s first large offshore wind power plant, went into operation on Monday August 27, 2013. It is located about 100 kilometers northwest off the East Frisian island of Borkum. (SOURCE)

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