Re-Birth of River Zin in the Negev Desert in Israel (Video)


This is really an amazing moment.

Imagine a dry river bed in the remote desert of Negev, Israel, suddenly filling up with water after years of drought. Joy, joy, joy! Look at this video!

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Re-birth of River Zin in the Negev Desert in Israel. Photo: Youtube

The re-birth of Zin river after years of drought has been captured on camera in the Negev desert in Israel. For centuries the dry area, which is a massive creek bed, has seen the disappearance and return of water in a series of flash floods.

The region of the Wadi Zim, in the Negev desert is flooded every few years and has been since Biblical times. The Negev desert is where 12 spies are said to have been sent by Moses to travel the Promised Land and the Zin river used to mark the border of Israel in Biblical times.

The river Zin’s source is upon the slopes of the Ramon Crater – a geological feature located at the peak of Mount Negev, some 52 miles (85 km) south of the city of Beersheba – and it ends in the Dead Sea – which is actually being eaten by sinkholes.

The return of the flood waters is probably related to heavy rain in mountainous regions several miles away from the arid land.

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