Videos: Venice canals almost dry amid low tides and lack of rain


Exceptionally low tides and a lack of rain in Venice has left some of the city’s famous canals almost dry.

Boats and traditional gondolas, which are used for transportation inside the city, could be seen almost beached in some of the canals.

The problems in Venice are being blamed on a combination of factors – the lack of rain, a high pressure system, a full moon and sea currents.

A new low water record for the month of February was set yesterday (55 centimeters less than normal in the canals of the Venetian city).

Venice, otherwise hit by floods at this time of year, is currently experiencing unusually low water levels.

The Po carries 60 percent less water than usual at this time of year, and 53 percent less snow has fallen in the Italian Alps in recent months than usual.

Latest weather forecasts do however signal the arrival of much-needed precipitation and snow in the Alps in coming days, though the country still faces a severe drought this year…

It must stink like hell!

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  1. So why aren’t they cleaning it since it’s so low? Thought Venice was sinking and flooding? It must had been that low before look how low those steps go down. Maybe it’s time to clean

  2. Guys, this is not real. Is a fake news from MSM! My friend just came back from Venice(17.02.2023-22.02.2023) she was there for Venice carnaval about 5 days and she told this never happened in Venice, especially not these days and this year!!! All canals are full with water and she even took a gondola ride trough canals.

    • We’re only talking a few hours here. Your friend would have had to be there at just the right time. It’s real. Water receded all over the Mediterranean. Establishment would rather we didn’t know. Things are ramping up to be even weirder. Denial only reduces your options.

  3. Well, I guess this PROVES there aren’t enough Butt-plugs in Italy!
    If there were more “Non-Binary” beings in Venice things like this would never happen! ?

  4. Africa is rolling SE. This is what’s behind the big quakes in Turkey lately. As it rolls, it causes the Mediterranean to slosh. In this case water pulled back. They spin it saying this is normal, but it isn’t. Has done this a few times the last few years.


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