Awesome Aurora Timelapse Video In Yellowknife


Northern lights are awesome, but not everyone can find the time to trek far into the north to catch a glimpse.

So watch this amazing aurora timelapse video filmed over a period of 10 days in Yellowknife’s Aurora Village. Mind-blowing!

In his own words, the film maker says about his colorful experience:

Wake up at 4pm after a long cold night under the Aurora Borealis and the first thing I would do is check the forecast for tonight’s show. Eat some dinner, get bundled up for the -40 degrees CELSIUS weather, grab my cameras and go! It is very difficult to predict the Northern Lights and I wasn’t going to miss any of it!

All of a sudden it would appear, shortly after sunset you could start to see it flowing through the sky! The brighter it got the faster it moved! At times it literally filled the sky!

It was so cold standing outside for the hours of watching this phenomenon that my beard would freeze solid! The other crazy cold thing was any camera cables had to be defrosted before bent or they would simply snap in half!

Do you know that northern lights make weird noises?

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