Another sign of the Endtimes: Mysterious BLACK northern lights appear over Scotland


Is this another sign of the Endtimes? Red. Green. Purple. These are the colors we usually see during any display of auroras. But BLACK… Come on…

black aurora, black aurora scotland, black aurora 2021, black aurora scotland april 2021
Black northern lights sighted in Scotland in April 2021. Picture: Space Weather Gallery. Alan C Tough

What are black auroras?

On April 18th, Alan C. Tough of Hopeman, Moray, Scotland saw something else. Black northern lights! In the photo below, “note the dark vertical strip above the green band, which is devoid of any normal auroral colour.

black aurora, black aurora scotland, black aurora 2021, black aurora scotland april 2021
Black auroras are mysterious and not well understood. Picture: Tough unknown and

Black auroras have been seen before. They are dark rings or black blobs that sometimes appear in an otherwise ordinary expanse of auroral light. Some researchers call them “anti-auroras.”

Ordinary auroras are caused by electrons raining down from space, hitting Earth’s upper atmosphere and making the air glow.

Black auroras are the opposite. Instead of electrons raining down, electrons are propelled upward, back into space.

This diagram shows what happens:

black aurora formation, black aurora, black aurora scotland, black aurora 2021, black aurora scotland april 2021
How do black aurora form?

Europe’s fleet of Cluster spacecraft flew in formation over a black aurora on Jan. 14, 2001, and saw the process in action. Sensors onboard the spaceraft detected strong positive electric fields in the black aurora zone. These idiosyncratic fields were stopping, and even reversing, the normal downward rain of aurora-causing electrons.

The study of black auroras is still in its infancy, and forecasters cannot yet predict when or where they might appear.

Meanwhile, Earth is entering a stream of solar wind flowing faster than 500 km/s from an equatorial hole in the sun’s atmosphere. This could spark minor G1-class geomagnetic storms and auroras at high latitudes.

geomagnetic storm may 2021
geomagnetic storm may 2021. NASA

So aurora watchers, during this next geomagnetic storm, be on the lookout for black. [Space Weather]

Are these black auroras another sign of the Endtimes?

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  1. Utterly idiotic! Seriously? Are you guys writing these articles suffering from Chemtrail brain fog, or didja get those mRNA shots that bork the frontal cortex?
    Listen, the absence of color denotes absence of higher field aligned current density in the area. Auroras are created when atmospheric gasses are excited by electrical current like how a neon light works. So like a neon sign is black when not turned on, so to the aurora in an area that is between current sheets displays no color. Furthermore, those currents are part of the electromagnetic torsion field of the earth. They go all the way down to #9 point or null which is the core of the planet.

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