Strange creepy sounds of apocalypse recorded in Puerto Montt, Chile


strange sounds Puerto Montt, strange sounds Puerto Montt video, sonidos extraños en puerto montt, Strange creepy sounds in Puerto Montt, strange sounds Puerto Montt, Captan impresionantes Sonidos del Apocalipsis en Puerto Montt, trumpet of apocalypse chile, strange noise from the sky chile april 2015, strange sounds april 2015, strange sounds 2015, weird noise in the sky april 2015, puerto montt strange soundsThe creepy sounds of the apocalypse have returned this time in the city of in Puerto Montt, Southern Chile.

Listen to these scary noises recorded on April 6, 2015. Terrifying and out-of-this-world!

The video – recorded by Yinear Paris – features weird noises that are not attributable to any place, person or animals known in the Lakes Region.

The strange sounds in the sky ring twice… Once at 1:30 and another time at 3:20:

So what is the source of this strange sound in the sky? What are your conclusions?

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  1. vivo bs,as., argentina hace varios meses q los oigos la gente no los oye les pregunte,pero yo estuve en un terremoto y los sonidos muy graves me hacen mal

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