The Kinabalu giant red leech is out of this world


I don’t know what is it but it is unique!

Watch a Kinabalu giant red leech ejecting its internal organs as an explosive but defensive strategy called eversion!

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Endemic guides_Giant red leech of Borneo and Wikipedia

Here is an exerpt from the description, copied from The Discovery of the Nemertean Gorgonorhynchus and Its Bearing on Evolutionary Theory by J. F. G. Wheeler:

[quote_box_center]The proboscis of the nemerteans usually consists of an introverted tube in a proboscis sheath, and it is everted like a finger of a glove that has been pulled “outside in’.

This new nemertean has also a proboscis which is retractile within a proboscis sheath, but the proboscis is branched. The branching is of the dichotomous type. During eversion, which takes place almost explosively, the short main trunk first appears, then this dividess and the finer and filter branches appear, but since each one of these is the result of an evagination the effect is almost indescribable. It is as if a large number of lively, wriggling, minunte worms had been shot out.[/quote_box_center]

So defensive strategy or is this tubular sucking organ used to feed…Or just CGI?

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