Winter Storm Jonas in videos from around the eastern US


Here a compilation of videos showing the chaos created by winter storm Jonas across the eastern US.

Stay home if possible, keep calm and drive safely…

Winter storm Jonas is currently hitting the east cost of the US.

The wind is crazy high. For example here in Brooklyn, New York:

In Washington DC more than 4 feet snow in one night:

In Virginia, this guy cannot find his own car… There’s too much snow:

At Least 9 people were killed mostly in car accidents as Jonas powerful winter storm is battering the East Coast with heavy snow, wind, and coastal flooding.

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Andrew Nelles/ AP via Twitter

After the storm, Ocean City in New Jersey reported ice flooding… Just keep in mind it is full moon again. Imagine the next high tide later today…:

A blizzard warning is in effect in Washington, DC, and Baltimore.

I would stay home and enjoy this free day with my family. Keep safe

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