Chemical spraying is real, harmful and colorful (video)


Chemical sprying is real, harmful, colorful and somehow captivating.

Look at the two videos below.

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Chemtrails are real, dangerous and somehow beautiful. via Youtube video

The first video shows ‘condensation traces’ from Boeing 787 aircraft Dreamliner, say experts. Such condensation trails from aircraft were officially recognized as a new species of clouds called cirrus anthropogenic (Cirrus homogenitus)… HUMAN CREATED CIRRUS

The video by LouB747 says: Crossing traffic 1000 feet below as seen from a 747. This was over the east coast of Russia.

And here what looks like a ‘real rainbow’ appearing in the exhausts of the A380 while flying under a A330:

The video by LouB747 just says: OK, I’ll let you guys battle it out for the explanation! or me, it’s clear.

It’s kind of scary that such human-made clouds look so beautiful. It makes them even more dangerous.

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  1. “It’s kind of scary that such human-made clouds look so beautiful. It makes them even more dangerous.”

    LOL! Why would they be more dangerous because they’re beautiful? And how can you prove they’re dangerous AT ALL!?

    Also…plain water vapor can make rainbows. That effect has nothing to do with whether or not the plane is trailing vapor or spraying chemicals!


    • All “contrails” are “chemtrails”, because they are ice crystals nucleating around particles that come out in the exhaust of jet engines. Some fuels cause more “contrails/chemtrails”, because they don’t burn as clean, or have lead or other heavy metals added, which come out in the exhaust. Deliberate “chemtrails” are caused by spraying coal fly ash into the exhaust stream, which the moisture nucleates around, creating persistent “contrails” (aka: chemtrails). Dr. Herndon PROVED it’s coal fly ash being sprayed in our atmosphere, which is being done for several nefarious reasons, for evil purposes. Coal fly ash is primarily aluminum, barium, strontium, and includes natural radioactive uranium and thorium. Coal fly ash can be resonated with microwaves to create a plasma, and heated to create high pressure. Chemi calls nu seated ice is used to cool the atmosphere, thus lowering the pressure. That’s how weather control works: high pressure is created on one side, and low pressure on the other, to steer weather systems, including hurricanes and typhoons…

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