Thousands of cows dying as heatwave bakes Southern California


Despite efforts to keep cows cool during last month’s Valley heat wave the dairy industry still suffered big losses.

Close to 10,000 animals died during the hot spell. The Valley is in the middle of another heat wave.

10,000 animals died during the hot spell in South Caliornia as a new heat wave engulfs the region. That’s so many deaths that the Baker Commodities Rendering Plant in Kerman was overwhelmed. It could not take on any more cows due to the large number of carcasses and mechanical issues.

The capacity of the plant is about a million pounds a day, and due to the heat losses because to the night time temperatures, incoming to the plant increased about a million and a half pounds.

Heat wave leads to the deaths of thousands of cows
Heat wae kills thousands of cows in South California

In a special meeting Fresno County Supervisors voted to extend a local emergency which was declared on June 30th. The decision allows dairy operators to compost or bury carcasses on the farm until Baker Commodities can catch up to the recent spike in cow deaths.

As of last week they had actually stopped picking up the animals because they had nowhere to physically put them on their property.

What happened during the heat wave is when the night-time temperatures didn’t get below 80 degrees it causes severe hardship.”

The Valley is in the middle of another heat wave, but he night-time temperatures in this next heat event should only reach the low to mid 70’s, so the losses are going to be considerably less.

Dairy cow deaths is normal?

Wright said local dairies typically see a three-percent loss of animals each year due to the summer heat. But one woman at the special meeting felt the average number was too high.

The Valley is in the middle of another heat wave.
The heat event in Southern California is dramatic for cow owners.

“I think it’s criminal that 7,500 is a typical loss and 10,000 is a little too much, and now we have to deal with how to deal the carcasses,” said Debby Martsolf, Fresno.

Dairy cow deaths due to the high heat have been reported all around the state.

Baker Commodities is expected to resume full rendering operations on Friday and county officials hope to lift the emergency declaration at the next Board of Supervisors meeting– that meeting is scheduled for next Tuesday.

Heat wave leads to the deaths of thousands of cows
This is maye a good solution for cows during heavy heat waves like that currently hitting South California

The back-up at Baker Commodities is being felt valley-wide. On Thursday Tulare County Supervisors declared an emergency due to heat-related livestock deaths.

The declaration also allows South Valley dairies to use alternative disposal methods.


  1. Letting these cows die is intentional. They could easily set up a huge tent with the actual air conditions used at fair grounds. This really makes me sick. They even knew a heatwave was coming. They are in cahoots with the global warming idiots when it is actually a geoengineered assault made to look real. Trying to get disaster relief that they don’t deserve. Poor animals suffer for man’s evil nature and greed. This is fake weather served with a huge plateful of fear porn.

  2. Listen, if you’re going to be a cattleman I’m in Texas, you boy’s in AZ need to get your head out of your back sides, raising cattle with land with no tree shade cover for herd is just asking for trouble, damm it plant some more tree’s, put placements of water tanks half buried into ground under tree’s to keep cool with drinking stations, if you’re too damm lazy to plant the tree’s, then go with sun reflexing, blocking tarp’s placement on top of 16 foot metal, or wooded pole’s so your herd will at least have some type protection, I’m using both have planted more tree’s, watering tanks, shading tarp’s throughout the ranch, this is working for me and will work for you, if you build it they will come to it, quit throw away money in losing cattle.

  3. In the 1960’s, we cooled cattle during heat waves using sprinklers. Yard sprinklers, field sprinklers, whatever was available.

    Today, some feedlot operators use misting devices above the pens. The effectof evaporation cools the air and cattle sufficiently to guarantee animal survival.

    Any herdsman who allows his animals to succumb to the heat, unless they are truly “range animals”, fundamentally living outside his control, is a fool.

  4. You live in a area that is known for it’s hot climate and you have animals one would think of buying air conditioners. Yes you would need big ones like office buildings and such employ but each cow is worth thousands of dollars. The dairy industry could well afford air conditioners and generators as back up.

  5. Check out HAARP are the ones that cause the crazy weather, Google it

    Check out HAARP are the ones that cause the crazy weather, Google it

    Check out HAARP are the ones that cause the crazy weather, Google it

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