Cold apocalypse kills more than 2 millions animals from starvation and exhaustion in Mongolia – Herders devastated!

More than 2 million animals die extreme cold
Mongolia: More than 2 million animals die extreme cold

The landlocked country is no stranger to severe weather from December to March, when temperatures plummet as low as minus 50 degrees Celsius (minus 58 Fahrenheit) in some areas.

But this winter has been more severe than usual, with lower than normal temperatures and very heavy snowfall, the United Nations said in a recent report.

As of Monday, 2.1 million head of livestock had died from starvation and exhaustion, Gantulga Batsaikhan of the country’s agriculture ministry said.

Mongolia had 64.7 million such animals, including sheep, goats, horses and cows, at the end of 2023, official statistics show.

The extreme weather is known as “dzud” and typically results in the deaths of huge numbers of livestock.

The United Nations said climate change is increasing the frequency and intensity of dzuds.

Mongolia has experienced six dzuds in the past decade, including the winter of 2022-23 when 4.4 million head of livestock perished.

This year’s dzud has been exacerbated by a summer drought that prevented animals from building up enough fatty stores to survive the harsh winter.


‘Praying for warmer weather’

Seventy percent of Mongolia is experiencing “dzud or near dzud” conditions, the UN said.

That compares with 17 percent of the country at the same time in 2023.

“The winter started with heavy snow but suddenly air temperatures rose, and the snow melted,” herder Tuvshinbayar Byambaa told AFP.

“Then the temperatures dropped again, turning the melting snow into ice.”

That ice makes it hard for the livestock to break through to the grass below, he said, preventing them from grazing and forcing many herders to borrow money for feed.

“The weather changes are so sudden these days,” Tuvshinbayar said.


The deadliest dzud on record was the winter of 2010-11, when more than 10 million animals died — almost a quarter of the country’s total livestock at the time.

Snowfall this year — the heaviest since 1975 — has compounded herders’ woes, trapping them in colder areas and making them unable to buy food and hay for their animals from the nearby towns.

Mongolia is one of the most sparsely populated countries in the world and about one-third of its population of 3.3 million people is nomadic.

The government has promised to help, launching a campaign to deliver hay fodder to herders in a bid to prevent further losses of crucial commodities like meat and cashmere, one of the country’s top exports.

But for now, Tuvshinbayar and his fellow herders can only pray for warmer weather.

“It is becoming too hard to be a herder — we suffer drought and flood in summer and dzud in winter,” he told AFP.

“I’ll start losing my animals if the snow does not melt in the coming months,” he added.

“All herders are praying for warmer weather to melt this ice, so our animals can reach the grass.”

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  1. My heart has warmed so much over my 61 years to complete compassion for two things in this world: Young children and animals. In many cases, there are few similarities between members of each group but they all share one very important characteristic… pure INNOCENCE.
    In my younger years, I never perceived babies and young children as anything more than obnoxious crying, spoiled nuisances until I had one of my own – a little girl who changed my life in so many ways I couldn’t possibly have predicted not a single one of them. Now, when I see young children, my heart is warmed and I can’t help but smile bigtime. Their innocence and baby talk melts my heart.
    Animals are another thing my heart has been softened towards for example, I grew up near a horse stable and often had daily contact with horses as a boy, often riding them but I never saw them as anything more than a big animal. Now, I can look in a horse’s eyes and see a BEING in there! And not just a being, an INNOCENT being.
    All this to say that my heart breaks upon hearing stories like this. Poor innocent animals, not knowing why they’re suffering, icicles hanging from them as they slowly starve and freeze to death. I never knew much about evil until I began delving into the nefarious activity of the elite some 16 years ago. I had never known about such wickedness thus innocence wasn’t something that I readily noticed. As my knowledge of evil increased, so has my love of the opposite…innocence. Pure innocence doesn’t just exist by itself, it is a PRODUCT of something. LOVE.
    Our Creator is Love and His Creation declares His Love! His Love can be seen in the eyes of the innocent children He has made and the pure and innocent love seen in the lovable creatures He has made. God is LOVE and He showed that Love when He came as one of us to give Himself as a Living Sacrifice; an Atonement; a Propitiation for sin which wages is DEATH. He paid every penalty for every sin ever committed by mankind. And all we must do to receive that forgiveness is BELIEVE.
    All things in this realm seem to have opposites, e.g. good/bad, Light/dark, Truth/lie etc. God is the Source of all things and an interesting analogy can be drawn regarding Him and it goes like this: In this space/time continuum we tend to think of cold as the OPPOSITE of heat but it is not. Cold is the natural state of this universe and would exist with or without heat. It is the natural matrix FOR heat (or energy) and heat exists INSIDE the cold. We cannot say that cold exists INSIDE the heat because it would exist without the heat however, heat could NOT exist without the cold.
    The same analogy can be made of LIGHT. Darkness is the default or natural state of space/time and light came into the darkness not vice versa. “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3) is one of the most trivialized verses of Scripture and not many have really given this the thought that it deserves. Light SHINES in the darkness and extinguishes darkness and even in this realm, the darkness has never put out the light. It is clearly the BETTER of the two. Likewise, God is LOVE. Everything about Him is Love and His State of Existence and His Place is, by default, Love.
    Evil came INTO or entered the natural state of God’s Place (Heaven) which is Love just as light came into the darkness however in this example, the polar opposite. God and LOVE, i.e. Goodness, Truth, Purity, Glory et. al, is the natural state of His Realm and evil and wickedness, i.e. badness if you will, intruded into His Place. Naturally, evil could not exist in His Realm so it was immediately evicted from God’s Place and evil, in this case embodied by Lucifer now turned into Satan, with 200 of the angels of God’s Place following him were cast down to this earth – a much lower dimension within this space/time continuum.
    So then, just as heat is not the opposite of cold, evil is not the opposite of innocence. We are attracted to innocence just as we are attracted to light because we were created by God and these qualities are both inherently of God for He made us with light in our hearts. So, it must be that those things which are of God are permanent and those things which are of evil are temporary. This is logic. I could go on but I’ll leave that to anyone who has read to this point. Our natural place is not in the cold, darkness of wickedness albeit many have chosen this for themselves, but our place is with God our Creator and those who recognize this search for Him and find Him within the Truth of the Scriptures (the 1611 Authorized KJV Bible) and they believe in Him and are saved.
    And although He made us with light in our hearts, even knowledge of Himself; even His Godhead (Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. Romans 1:19) it is still a CHOICE He gives us. We all know Him at first but If we choose this world and are unthankful toward Him, He allows darkness to come into our hearts, (Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. V. 21 emphasis mine) So, if there is any light left in YOUR heart, don’t you think you had better follow it?

  2. The United Nations is an International banker-OWNED Fraud. Weather warfare is being waged upon mankind by these Elongated Skull derivative seed of the serpent. Our Father is coming for you to REMOVE you very soon. Enjoy your FINAL MINUTE, scum of the Universe offspring.

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