Mysterious glowing object struck by lightning discharge in Delaware, USA (video)


An unidentified glowing object is being struck by lightning during a strong thunderstorm in Delaware, USA in the video below.

The video description reads: ‘During a fierce lightning storm in Delaware, a UFO was hit by one of the lightning strikes. The object seemed unaffected by the lightning strike.’

This video looks real. You clearly see a branch of the lightning moving far to the right. The unidentified object looks to be struck, and unfazed.

ufo struck by lightning delaware video, Mysterious glowing orb hit by lightning in Delaware USA
Mysterious glowing orb hit by lightning in Delaware USA. via Youtube video

Why is the mysterious glowing object flying near the thunderstorm? Was it waiting to be hit by a lightning strike to refill its batteries? Is it a ball lightning? Or a helicopter?

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  1. Last night there was a very intense thunder with heavy lightning storm that passed threw the area threw the night . The intensity of the lightning was that were, the lightning flashed very bright about 5-8 times every 30 seconds to a min for hours(positive charge lightning ) …. the 2 close suspected ball lightning detonations not only were extremely loud but it shook the entire house and my entire body to its core. The level of power felt from the 2 detonations about an hour apart was more than anything iv witnessed in my 30 some years iv only felt that type of thunder a few times in my life … usually in the summer at the beach or right before or right after or before the end of a massively Huge rainstorm … as is also true with (ball lightning)… only usually seen in a very charged …. stormy …. humid environment… something to do with the static electrical charge flowing in the air of the earth (especiallyduring a thunderstorm)… a power source that if harnessed could infact change the course of the modern energy supply and therfore bring us forever away from the damaging effects of fossil fules and carbon fules the free flowing electricity is something Nicolai Tesla was allegedly trying to perfect … a technology that could change the worlds economic landscape. Ball Lightning is so rare its belived that only 10% of people on earth have ever seen it in real life but with modern technology more are becoming interested in this rare natural phenomenon

  2. This “object” is not un identified.THS IS AN EXTREMELY RARE SIGHTING AND DOCUMENTATION OF BALL LIGHTNING … A MAJORYLY UNKNOWN NATURAL PHANOMINON THAT MOST PEOPLE DONT KNOW ABOUT ball lightning travels to the ground in a small ball the size of about a soccer ball to a giant parachute you would go under in elementary school … its a ball of lightning with enough power to damage homes and kill people and animals …. there is very little research published on this but there are youtube videos documenting real people as recent as a few months ago with real hard to not belive accounts and real people who have been witnessed killed by ball lightning … stay away from it and stay away from water or other metal conducting things if you are lucky or unlucky enough to ever see this … I belive 2 rounds of ball lightning exploded and shook our beach house last night in bethany beach Delaware 9/13/22

  3. It is a reflection of background light off a window. You can see by the motion of the light with respect to the motion of the camera. You can also tell by the second smaller reflection to the left and up from the first. Have a great day. 🙂

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