Mysterious glowing object struck by lightning discharge in Delaware, USA (video)


An unidentified glowing object is being struck by lightning during a strong thunderstorm in Delaware, USA in the video below.

The video description reads: ‘During a fierce lightning storm in Delaware, a UFO was hit by one of the lightning strikes. The object seemed unaffected by the lightning strike.’

This video looks real. You clearly see a branch of the lightning moving far to the right. The unidentified object looks to be struck, and unfazed.

ufo struck by lightning delaware video, Mysterious glowing orb hit by lightning in Delaware USA
Mysterious glowing orb hit by lightning in Delaware USA. via Youtube video

Why is the mysterious glowing object flying near the thunderstorm? Was it waiting to be hit by a lightning strike to refill its batteries? Is it a ball lightning? Or a helicopter?

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  1. It is a reflection of background light off a window. You can see by the motion of the light with respect to the motion of the camera. You can also tell by the second smaller reflection to the left and up from the first. Have a great day. 🙂

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