Baby alien? Root? What the heck is that?!?


lsn’t it completely weird?

Here is what they write on their Facebook post:

The North end again, the North end of Big Pine has been the hot spot for spooky stuff. This “critter” showed up in William Smith’s garden early this morning. He heard his dog going crazy, when he went out to check on what all the fuss was about, he saw this “thing”. The dog ran away, but he came back later. William called FWC… anyway, that’s the story I’m getting from Billy Bob who lives down the street. Billy Bob said he heard what sounded like a small craft of some sort crashing through the trees & bushes late last night. I’m sure we will hear much more about what took place. Oh, I almost forgot! When FWC arrived, the “little thing” was …gone? Lucky for us Mr. Smith had enough presence of mind to take these photos with his cell phone. Wow! If you hear any more about the who, what, or where, please share with us. Amazing…. The “NUT”
PS. If you’re on the North end, be careful!! Remember, this was the same area several strange happenings have been taking place. [Facebook]

So what do you think… A kind of oke, no? But it looks kind of weird no? Cool stuff going on in nature! Have a great day! Manuel

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  1. Tehran UFO Incident, 1976: Iranian Fighter Jets Chase a UFO

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    Think Anomalous



    It’s common for debunkers to argue that trained observers don’t see UFOs, but the incident over Tehran in 1976 puts the lie this myth. For several hours, multiple experienced pilots, air traffic controllers, and ground observers watched a UFO drift over the city of Tehran, and exhibit a wide range of baffling behaviours that they are still unable to explain.

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    Think Anomalous is created by Jason Charbonneau.

    Illustration by Colin Campbell.
    Music by Josh Chamberland.
    Animation by Brendan Barr.
    Sound design by Will Mountain and Josh Chamberland.


    US Department of Defence Report, 1976. Accessed February 13, 2019:
    Written transcript, accessed February 13, 2019:
    I was a Kid then we saw UFO in Tehran 1976 since then i have seen many times as 5 times i seen UFO?

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