Pressure is building up: It’s been almost two weeks that a strong quake (>M6.0) hasn’t occurred around the world


Large earthquake with a magnitude higher than M6.0 are getting rare these days. There have been no M6.0 or stronger quakes since April 19, 2018. This is more than 13 days now. And this is quite long…

lack of large earthquakes april-may 2018, No large earthquakes have hit since 13 days. A lot of pressure is building up
No large earthquakes have hit since 13 days. A lot of pressure is building up! via EarthquakeTrack

According to, the latest quake with a magnitude over M6.0 occurred on April 19, 2018 off South Africa. The only four others >M6.0 occurred in Chile on April 10th, in Papua New Guinea on April 7th as well as in Bolivia and Fuji on April 2nd.

Some will tell me look at this tweet from USGS:

Well, I answer click on the link in the tweet and you come here. A M7.0, downgraded to M4.6? That’s really weird. In any cases, I did not count this one in my list.

Last time I wrote a similar post (January 9, 2018), a M7.5 earthquake hit Honduras a day after (UTC time). This geological event was followed by a M7.1 earthquake in Peru and a M7.9 earthquake in Alaska within about 15 days. This shows the amazing pressure that had been stored over a 25 days period.

So, 13 days without major earthquakes is a ‘long’ and scary drought. Hopefully, the ring of fire will not wake up deadly again!

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EarthquakeTrack: earthquakes larger than M6.0

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