Mysterious round hole discovered near Area 51


These guys from Thirdphaseofmoon have just found something weird near Area 51. Yes, it is a prefectly round hole… And a strange nozzle sticks out of it.

It is of course difficult to draw any definite conclusions about this strange pit out of this video. 

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Mysterious round hole found near Area 51. via Youtube video

But what could it show?

A new mystery for this Area 51

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  1. Looks like potentially a deep injection well – where waste water is disposed of in the subsurface. These things may collapse at ground level. It could also be a gas vent. But a secret city? That’s absurd. Why do people sensationalize stuff so much? Pushing nonsense hurts society. See: Trump. You don’t know so you assume something utterly ridiculous. Not cool.

  2. The region around Area 51 was used for underground nuclear tests for years. In the photo you can see more craters caused when the surface subsided after the test. Sometimes the crater would collapse, and look exactly like the hole in the photo.

    • Perhaps something what you say is possible. But it’s a very accurate round. what about the pipe ?
      that’s what i can’t really fit into anything.

  3. About a month ago, US military lost much of their function because their system has become down. Because of that, military guys have to fill some kind of diary in order to report their daily activities instead of input on their computer.

    “They” used to have wire bugs in my house and on my car in order to tap my conversation. Wherever I went, “they” were already there before I reached. But recently, they lost those function? They look like they do not know where I am going now. They have started following me behind my car more closely so that they can go wherever I go. I do not like to be followed by them. So I usually slow down to let those cars behind me. But recently, they stick to my car even I drive super slow on highway. I drive at 45 mph on highway with speed limit 65 mph. But still they want to follow my car, and I see many cars slow down at the speed I drive. I feel I am the person to decide the speed they drive.

  4. Reptilian Underground Base’s air intake? It looks like a huge pipe sticking out. In Muscle Shoals in North Alabama (near Microtel Inn on highway 72) where I live, “they” recently made 2 huge steal pipes sticking out from the ground. I am wondering those pipes are for air intake for “their” secret underground base?

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