Earth’s north magnetic pole is migrating away from Canada towards Siberia and geologists don’t know why


Something strange is going on at the top of the world. Earth’s north magnetic pole has been skittering away from Canada and towards Siberia, driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core. The magnetic pole is moving so quickly that it has forced the world’s geomagnetism experts into a rare move. Yes now we have a geomagnetic ‘Cold War’.

north magnetic pole moves from canada to siberia, north magnetic pole moves from canada to siberia migration
The north magnetic pole moves from Canada to Siberia

On 15 January, they are set to update the World Magnetic Model, which describes the planet’s magnetic field and underlies all modern navigation, from the systems that steer ships at sea to Google Maps on smartphones.

The most recent version of the model came out in 2015 and was supposed to last until 2020 — but the magnetic field is changing so rapidly that researchers have to fix the model now.The error is increasing all the time.

What’s going on?

The problem lies partly with the moving pole and partly with other shifts deep within the planet. Liquid churning in Earth’s core generates most of the magnetic field, which varies over time as the deep flows change. In 2016, for instance, part of the magnetic field temporarily accelerated deep under northern South America and the eastern Pacific Ocean. Satellites such as the European Space Agency’s Swarm mission tracked the shift.

By early 2018, the World Magnetic Model was in trouble. Researchers from NOAA and the British Geological Survey in Edinburgh had been doing their annual check of how well the model was capturing all the variations in Earth’s magnetic field. They realized that it was so inaccurate that it was about to exceed the acceptable limit for navigational errors.

Wandering pole

“That is an interesting situation we found ourselves in. What’s happening?” says a researcher.

  1. First, that 2016 geomagnetic pulse beneath South America came at the worst possible time, just after the 2015 update to the World Magnetic Model. This meant that the magnetic field had lurched just after the latest update, in ways that planners had not anticipated.
  2. Second, the motion of the north magnetic pole made the problem worse. The pole wanders in unpredictable ways that have fascinated explorers and scientists since James Clark Ross first measured it in 1831 in the Canadian Arctic. In the mid-1990s it picked up speed, from around 15 kilometres per year to around 55 kilometres per year. By 2001, it had entered the Arctic Ocean — where, in 2007, a team including Chulliat landed an aeroplane on the sea ice in an attempt to locate the pole.

In 2018, the pole crossed the International Date Line into the Eastern Hemisphere. It is currently making a beeline for Siberia.

To fix the World Magnetic Model, he and his colleagues fed it three years of recent data, which included the 2016 geomagnetic pulse. The new version should remain accurate, he says, until the next regularly scheduled update in 2020.

Core questions

In the meantime, scientists are working to understand why the magnetic field is changing so dramatically. Geomagnetic pulses, like the one that happened in 2016, might be traced back to ‘hydromagnetic’ waves arising from deep in the core1. And the fast motion of the north magnetic pole could be linked to a high-speed jet of liquid iron beneath Canada2.

The jet seems to be smearing out and weakening the magnetic field beneath Canada, Phil Livermore, a geomagnetist at the University of Leeds, UK, said at the American Geophysical Union meeting. And that means that Canada is essentially losing a magnetic tug-of-war with Siberia.

The location of the north magnetic pole appears to be governed by two large-scale patches of magnetic field, one beneath Canada and one beneath Siberia,” Livermore says. “The Siberian patch is winning the competition.

Which means that the world’s geomagnetists will have a lot to keep them busy for the foreseeable future. Yes, now we enter the era of geomagnetic ‘Cold War’!

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  1. If you look at Intellicast Radar searching for the coldest place, you can find it in Siberia, right now -44 (fahrenheit). North Pole might not mean the coldest place. but it looks like Siberia has been already North Pole, the winner of the “a magnetic tug-of-war”.

    breaking news magnetic north pole splits into two poles

    • After the magnetic North Pole reach at 40 degree point (the turning point), or it is settle down to one place (that is more likely Siberia), the Earth’s rotational shift of rotational axis starts.

      • After the Earth’s rotational shift of rotational axis starts, the Earth might flip and all the water body have to move to settle down to the new places. That means we are going to have gigantic Tsunami just like the Bible explains. This cycle repeated many times, but this time, it will be the last time and 3D Earth will be disappeared and shift to 5D as a rare Cosmic Event.

  2. Releasing of the gas and oil we consume is changing the overall biometric pressure of the crust changing the location of multin magma thus changing the pole. It will now slide to the path of least resistance (the unknown)

  3. Le décalage de pôle magnétique indique l’accélération du cataclysme de la fin des temps
    il a été récemment rapporté que le nord magnétique de la terre a accéléré son
    changement le pôle nord de la terre s’est déplacé vers la sibérie depuis très longtemps
    mais ce changement a fortement accéléré entre 1994 et 2002 environ 55 km par année
    il a de nouveau accéléré incitant la première mise à jour du monde modèle magnétique
    qui est utilisé pour la localisation et le suivi sur la surface de la terre le nord magnétique
    le pôle se déplace aussi beaucoup plus vite que le pôle sud qui ne se déplace que sur
    le taux d’environ 10 kilomètres par ans .Maintenant ce qui causerait le pôle nord à se
    déplacer en premier lieu et d’autre part ce qui le ferait accélérer dans son mouvement
    et nous savons que depuis 1998 le soleil est devenu sombre en raison du système planet X
    accompagnées de leurs planètes et étoiles qui viennent dans le système solaire comme
    les comètes les objets vont au soleil mais aussi vers la terre ils sont énormes .
    le fait que le champ magnétique de la terre a accéléré correspond au moment où le soleil
    est devenu noir en permanence le changement dans le champ magnétique de la terre était
    associé à ces objets un grand système qui est arriver au soleil entre 1994 et 1998
    le décalage du pôle magnétique semble être associé au système planet X ou destroyer
    des objets affectant la terre et ses changement soudain suggère que plus d’objets sont arrivés
    et sont maintenant en augmentation ils sont destructifs et causent des événements cataclysmiques
    tel que des éruptions volcaniques que nous voyons maintenant à des niveaux sans précédent
    mais ils causent aussi des séismes majeurs des ondes de marée des changements climatiques tel
    que les tempêtes les ouragans les cyclones les inondations tous ces événements ont considérablement augmenté
    les effets vont maintenant atteindre et même créer un niveau destructeur ces objets en plus grand nombre
    vont causés le cataclysme prophétisé ce ne sera pas aussi rapide instantané que la grande inondation au temps de Noé mais nous sommes maintenant à la fin des temps et le temps nous est compté.

  4. There are three seismometers that I keep up with: Two are mine and are located in Western Colorado, while the other one is located in Virginia.

    On various days/weeks, I see unusual prolonged activity on all three seismometers simultaneously with what I describe as “Well, the Earth is Humming Again!”.

    I will note that Wind and/or Storms can cause this “Humming”, but many times these the days are sunny and calm.

    Western Colorado:


    This Article states: “driven by liquid iron sloshing within the planet’s core”, however I have had another theory that I’m considering as stated on the following webpage:

    Perhaps someday, we’ll all know … maybe.

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