What the heck is going on in Taiwan? Bubbling water on fire, gas and mud come out of the ground like a geyser, destroying a road in Pingtung


It seems that a gas trapped below this road is trying to come out. Result is this kind of bubbling water coming out of this sinkhole like a geyser with such a power that the road literally exploded. OMG!

The tweet indicates Thailand, but has been corrected on Facebook by loyal readers:

It’s probably not a mud volcano eruption. Just a gas leak creating bubbling water with enough power to destroy a road. But really impressive!

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Taiwan road destroyed by bubbling water on fire due to probable gas leak on January 8, 2019.

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  1. It is amazing Magma Activities can detected around Microsoft Headquarter in Redmond, Washington.

    It is natural that there are some Magma Activities around Puget Sound like Seattle and Redmond located the foothills of volcanic Cascade Mountains. But this seismogram looks really alarming. Magma intrusion is happening around this heavily populated area in Washington State.

  2. Hill Air Force Base in Utah had been attacked by Galactic Federation of Light last Saturday.

    OGDEN, Utah — People across northern Utah reported feeling and hearing what seemed like a sonic boom Saturday.

    The boom happened around 11 a.m. and was especially felt in Ogden and surrounding cities.

    One resident in South Ogden says he heard and felt two separate sonic booms, but that they were different than the ones caused by jets at HAFB.

    “It was like those jets except more intense,” Jeff Parker said. ”It was like a cross between a sonic boom and an earthquake tremor.”

    One more popular theory? Aliens.


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    Tuscumbia Quarry on Google Map

  4. This is really wired incidence. Of course, Taiwan has some volcanic activities such as hot springs. But I’ve never seen mud volcano with fire. Probably Gas explosion might be more appropriate. But still this is hard to explain what happened. Maybe Reptilian Secret Underground Base has been burnt down with extreme heat by Galactic Federation of Light that made mud over their base boiling at the same time flaming.

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