China’s Soaring Food Prices Will Lead to War


The global food crisis is slowly ramping up…

China’s food prices jump 9.1% in July to surge to a 7-year high.

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China food shortage crisis war will lead to war.

China’s July food prices jumped 9.1% from a year ago, as the country battles soaring pork prices amid the spread of African swine fever.

In particular, pork prices rose 27% from a year ago in July while fresh fruit prices rose 39.1%, the data showed.

The July figures follow an 8.3% year-on-year jump in June. Non-food items in July were 1.3% higher, government data showed.

Chinese fruit supply has been hurt by severe weather that hurt crop production this year, sending prices of apples up sharply. China is the world’s largest producer and a major consumer of the staple fruit.

The official inflation data came after China confirmed Tuesday it will be suspending imports of agricultural products from the U.S. in response to President Donald Trump’s new tariffs.

This is really not a good sign of the oncoming financial and food crisis.

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  1. The price of a lot of foods in Perth, Western Australia has risen up to 100% to 200% in the past decade… We are one of the most expensive cities on Earth for food… You can’t go anywhere and get a decent, healthy meal that will fill you up for under $10AU.

  2. The prices of most of the food items that I buy in the UK have risen by between 10 and 20% this year yet predictably, there has been barely a mention of it in the lying lamestream media. They focus on alleged wage rises and as always the inflation figures are skewed to suit their purposes. “We’ve never had it so good”

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