Human Face Fish Captured on Video


A bizarre piece of footage out of China shows a fish that seems to sport the face of a human!

The eerie video was filmed by a tourist visiting the city of Kunming earlier this week.

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A fish with a human face was spotted and filmed in China

While stopping a popular pond in the area, she caught sight of a strange fish, said to be a carp, in the water that appeared to possess the eyes, nose, and mouth of a person.

The astounded witness mused to someone nearby “the fish has become a fairy, it has a human-like face.

The video quickly went viral in China after it was posted to the social media site Weibo with viewers offering all manner of opinions on the odd creature.

Fortunately, there was nothing sinister or supernatural about the fish’s unique ‘condition’ as the spooky visage was merely the result of markings on its body coincidentally resembling a face, likely ‘enhanced’ by the water.

The phenomenon is actually not altogether rare for this particular species of fish as ‘human-faced’ carp spotted in England and Taiwan made similar headlines in recent years.

China + crispr = freakshow. Be prepared to see many more strange stuff in the future! [CtoC, DailyMail]

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