And the insanity continues: UK Farmers will be ordered to feed cows ‘methane suppressants’ to stop them belching and breaking wind under government plans to reach net zero

Dairy cows methane reduction
Dairy cows are set to be given ‘methane suppressants’ by farmers to reduce their carbon footprint…

Dairy cows are set to be given ‘methane suppressants’ by farmers to reduce their carbon footprint – by making them burp less.

Ministers are looking to force farmers to give herds additives to reduce gas from digestion in ‘compound feeds’, which contain seaweed and essential oils.

The Government’s Net Zero Growth Plan, released this week, looked to address concerns from the High Court that existing plans to reach the climate goal before 2050 were not detailed enough.

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The plan said the bovine supplements could be introduced ‘at pace’ from 2025 – or as ‘soon as practically possible’ – in efforts to reduce emissions by 20 per cent by 2030, as Britain’s commitment to the Global Methane Pledge requires.

Cows are a big contributor to climate change, with farm animals producing around 14 per cent of carbon emissions from human activity worldwide.

The plans are expected to add around 33p a year to the cost of milk for the average consumer but ministers could also choose to subsidise the superfood feed.

Dustin Benton, former government adviser on food strategy, told The Telegraph the suppressants could eventually be given to sheep as well as cows.

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‘Most dairy cows are milked twice a day, and when they’re going to be milked they usually eat, so that’s a pretty good way of getting it into them.’

Mr Benton added that the suppressants were a good start but that further action would be needed to reduce the impact of livestock.

A government source said that ‘significant’ progress had been made thanks to innovation in agricultural products and that there were ‘major benefits’ to the plans for farmers and the climate.

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The suppressants contain a number of additives, including seaweed, organic acids, probiotics and antimicrobials and essential oils, that reduce the amount of gas produced during digestion.

It’s an urban myth that cows produce most of the methane by farting and it’s actually belching that is the real culprit.

Livestock made up the majority of agriculture and other land-use emissions in 2021, which accounted for 11 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gases. [DM]

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  1. There are many less cows than people on the planet, I wonder how long before they come after we who like to eat gassy foods. I’m particularly gassy EVERY DAY because I eat whatever I want. If they are indeed watching us, they would find out about my (not unpleasant) condition and come after me first forcing Gas X anti gas OTC med on me at gunpoint! I could even see them holding me down and injecting me with it. (good luck with that, perps) What an incredibly insane time we live in!

  2. methane suppressants, must be a joke. They will get bloat. I would give my sheep a teaspoon of baking soda for gas/bloat.
    I do the same for me after I eat a big bowl of chile, with cornbread of course.
    It has nothing to due with animals or people burping. But it has everything to do with HAARP induced solar flares, coronal holes/geomagnetic storms, heating up the planet causing supercell storms, earthquakes and volcanic activity.

    These greenies get dumber by the minute.

  3. The idea that methane from cows is affecting our climate is completely absurd. It is all about control and tyranny. We have plenty of volcano and lear jets doing thousands of times more in terms of air pollution. We are governed by retards.

  4. I’ve actually never heard a cow fart. Not that they don’t but it’s not exactly a special recorded sound, and I don’t frequent farms. Although that may change. Wonder if they have cow farting contests? Sign me up? wait, then Gates will want me to eat that stuff too?I’ll pass.

  5. This is such a load of sh!t.
    Maybe they should let the cows eat grass instead of grains and all the other crap they feed them!

  6. Evidently, we survived the Jurassic era. I imagine a brontosaurus belch and breaking wind would be the equivalent of a largish herd.

  7. I call bovine excrement. Globalists are asinine. I hope the UK British Rancher Patriots get their manure spreaders out, and fire shitloads of wet manure at the tyrants!

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