More Than 450,000 People Impacted by PG&E New Power Blackout in California


It’s late November right now and PG&E has cut the power again to more than 150,000 customers (450,000 people) in North California.

This cannot be the new normal. California demands better.

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PGE new power shutoffs on November 20 2019 will hit 450,000 customers. Picture Josh Edelson/Getty

About 450,000 people will be without power starting at 7 a.m. Wednesday as dry weather and strong winds roll through Northern California, increasing the risk of fires.

This is just half of the original estimates from Pacific Gas & Electric.

The new massive power cut will affect 18 counties in Northern California.

The shutoffs will begin with Lake, Mendocino, Napa, Solano and portions of Sonoma and Yolo counties.

Shutoffs in North valleys, including Shasta and portions of Tehama counties will start at 8 a.m., while the northern Sierra foothills, including Butte and Plumas counties, may experience shutoffs starting around 4 p.m.

Customers are expected to have electricity by the end of Thursday.

According to CalFire, there are no ongoing fires right now. All have been to 100% contained. During the 2019 fire season, 198,392 acres burned down in 6,190 fires, killing 3 people and damaging or destroying 732 structures.

Well friends in California, I hope your are ready to face this new power shutoff. And I hope the fire season will not continue too long. Stay cool! [Pacific Gas & Electric, KTLA, LA Times]

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  1. CALEXIT UNION how is that possible with major 6.5 pluses as I predicted and California shaking and I predicted those quakes 6 pluses before full moon of Nov the owner of this site is my witness If you are in California please prepare for major shake down 6plus is imminent by Nov 30 2019. Will martial law is imposed of course.It is easiest way to prevent impeachment or war with IRAN

  2. A great thing.. if you’d like residents to head inward.. into the cities.. stack and packed. California has always been the first state as Globalist Representatives.

  3. This MAY be a prelude to making things so chaotic with the electrical grid that pretty boy communist Newsom will have his excuse to have CA state government take-over PG&E and then they make all their leftist “green” ambitions come true – nearly 100% all unreliable solar and wind and nothing else permitted, planned blackouts and energy rationing the new norm to “save the planet”, rates go up 4x to 10x what they are currently, the new law beginning Jan 1 2020 forcing ALL new construction in CA to include $10K+ in solar panels on the roofs will be rammed down everyones’ throats to where ALL buildings will need retrofitted or risk high fines and property confiscation for non-compliance – the list goes on of the wonders and delights of absolute total political power the government can wield once the Newsom-Getty-Pelosi-Brown criminal mafia get the way and obtain total control using these current power outages to create the chaotic situation in which they will bring about their already thought out and planned “solution” – which will result with those four families in control of the power grid. Maybe not, but may BE, too. Something to think about.

  4. They should go after the PG&E top executives with hoes and pitchforks and drag them out into the streets to beaten within an inch of their lives, and if they don’t get the message go get the next lower echelon of managers and do the same to them until the whole organization gets the message that this is no longer acceptable.
    It IS time to let them know that you will not accept any more of their lies

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