Live From Hell: New Sepulveda Fire Looks Like Burning Nightmare as it Sweeps Across Bel Air, Los Angeles (Videos)


A fire dubbed the “Sepulveda Fire” scorched over 50 acres and was only 25% contained, early Wednesday morning.

And, like the devastating Skirball Fire which erupted on December 6, 2017 and scorched over 400 acres in the same area, this new inferno looks like burning hell.

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The gate to Hell: Sepulveda Fire burns like hell in Bel Air in Los Angeles. Picture via Twitter video

Authorities responded to reports of a vegetation fire burning in the 1300 block of North Sepulveda Boulevard near the I-405 Freeway and Getty Center Drive in the Bel-Air area around 12:13 AM.

Crews arriving on scene located the wind-driven fire quickly spreading and worked from the air and ground to extinguish the flames.

Over 200 firefighters along with four helicopters were on scene working to battle the blaze which was at least 25% contained by the afternoon.

The Sepulveda Fire was sparked in the same area as the devastating Skirball Fire which erupted on December 6, 2017 and scorched over 400 acres.

The LAFD released the following notice:

The fire is 25% contained and is what’s called a “Dirty Burn”. This means there is a mix of burned, un-burned and partially burned vegetation within the fire area.

There are three sides to the fire: Alpha (left), Delta (top of ridge) and Zulu (right). Firefighters have hand lines in place on the Alpha side all the way to the ridge. Zulu side still has about 200′ of line to lay to reach the ridge. The Type III Brush rigs are stationed along the top (Delta) and a water tender is supporting their operation, shuttling water to them (no fire hydrant available).

Today, the crews will continue to work through the steep, difficult terrain to complete the fire line and increase containment. Weather remains critical with 96F temperatures, 9% humidity and winds at 9mph.

Three firefighters were injured in the fire, which was determined to have been caused by an illegal cooking fire at a homeless encampment in a brush area next to where Sepulveda Boulevard crosses under the San Diego Freeway. More apocalyptic news on Strange Sounds and Steve Quayle.

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